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Wintergreen Research

Concentrating Solar Power Systems: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011 to 2017


Report Published By: Winter Green Research
Publication Date : Sep-2011
No. of Pages: 775

WinterGreen Research announces that it has a new study on Concentrating Solar Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011-2017. The 2011 study has 787 pages, 266 tables and figures. Concentrating solar is poised to become the largest of three solar energy technology markets because it can be implemented at scale quickly. Utility plants can be built incrementally. Electricity can be stored in molten salt storage systems that leverage traditional steam generators to manufacture electricity. Concentrating solar is evolving a significant market presence and is expected to continue to be used in climates close to the equator where there is more concentrated sun radiance. Sophisticated technology works initially to provide peak power supplements and power utility scale systems, having achieved grid parity in many places.

The worldwide demand for energy is steadily increasing. Demand for energy is doubling every 15 years. The major effort is to sustain growth in the electricity supply without causing irreversible harm to the environment. Solar energy has rapidly grown as a clean, renewable alternative to limited fossil fuels. Concentrated solar power (CSP) systems, are systems that use mirrors or lenses to concentrate a large area of sunlight, or solar thermal energy, onto a small area. Electrical power is produced when the concentrated light is converted to heat which drives a heat engine (usually a steam turbine) connected to an electrical power generator.

Concentrating solar power is one of several preferred methods of solar electricity production. In most places it has achieved "grid-parity" when considering ROI over 25 years. The mainstream cost of electricity from the grid can be complemented by solar systems. The solar industry in China is funded by the government. This unrelenting investment in energy efficiency has thrust the Chinese companies into the forefront of the industry.

Other countries rely on tax incentives and special tariffs to sustain further investment in solar electricity generation. While this has enabled the industry to develop and provides very attractive investment opportunities, the Chinese dominate the industry at this time. There is a move to achieve grid-parity. Once this is secure, the solar market can expand very rapidly achieving penetration growth calculations that exceed any growth rate per se. A step-change in system costs is being achieved, putting the industry on the cusp of a major growth spurt.

Concentrating solar technology uses photovoltaic and thermal systems. Photovoltaics turn light directly into electricity. Thermal concentrating solar systems use the concentrated sunlight to create heat. Heat is used to create steam that typically turns a traditional electrical generator turbine.

According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the study, "Utilities can add concentrated solar power systems incrementally as they become needed. The investment environment encourages smaller projects (2-100 MW). They are easily permitted. They are easy to finance because the paybacks are compelling." Concentrating solar systems provide utilities the flexibility to tackle uncertain load growth, by providing the ability to add solar power systems incrementally as they become needed.

CSP is being widely commercialized, with about 1.17 gigawatts (GW) of CSP plants online as of 2011. 582 megawatts of them are located in Spain, and the United States has 507 megawatts of capacity. 17.54 GW of CSP projects are under development worldwide. The United States leads with 8.67 GW. Spain ranks second with 4.46 GW in development, followed by China with 2.5 GW.

Concentrated solar markets at $964 million are anticipated to reach $175.9 billion by 2017. Significant growth is anticipated as countries all over the world realize that solar based utility scale energy generation is possible and that projects can be implemented from start to finish within a year. The ability of the concentrated solar systems to sit on the desert and produce electricity and desalinated water in an economical manner is very compelling, leading to incentive to invest in this technology. Once the trial systems now in place have been made to work for some groups, they will achieve rapid growth.

WinterGreen Research is an independent research organization funded by the sale of market research studies all over the world and by the implementation of ROI models that are used to calculate the total cost of ownership of equipment, services, and software. The company has 35 distributors worldwide, including Global Information Info Shop, Market, Research and Markets, Bloomberg, and Thompson Financial.

Companies Profiled

Market Leaders
BrightSource Energy
Solar Millennium AG
United Technologies / SolarReserve
Market Participants
Andersen Manufacturing
Applied Materials
Asahi Glass Co Ltd
Directed Vapor Technology
du Pont
Emcore Acquires CPV Soliant
Energy Innovations
WorldWater & Solar Technologies / Entech Solar
GE Energy
Green and Gold Energy / SunCube™ International Group (SCIG)
Mubadala / Masdar
Prism Solar Technologies
Pythagoras Solar
Prism Solar Technologies
Pythagoras Solar Solution
Solaflect Energy
Solargenix Energy, LLC
Solaflect Energy
Solitec / Concentrix Solar
Solar Millennium

Check Out These Key Topics

Concentrating Solar Power
Crystalline Solar
Monocrystalline Solar
Silicon Solar
Solar Panel
Solar System
Commercial Solar Panels
Multicrystalline Module
Solar Utility Power
Utility Peak Power
Residential Solar
Consumer Solar
Concentrated Solar
Smart Grid
Solar Panel Technologies
Thin Film Solar Cells
Amorphous Silicon
Thin Film Solar Cells Cadmium Telluride
Thin Film Solar Cells CIGS
(Copper Indium Gallium Selenide)
Conversion Efficiency Confirmation From NREL
Thin-Film On Glass Substrate
Solar CIGS On A Polymeric
Plastic Substrate
Solar Monolithic Integration On Glass
Solar Modules Cadmium Telluride (CdTe)
Semiconductor Material
CIGS Photovoltaic Effect
Crystalline Silicon Indirect Band-Gap Semiconductor
Solar Thin Film Substrates
Gettering in Large-Grained Thin Polycrystalline
Silicon Films
Glass Substrate
Thin-Film Panels
First Solar
Photovoltaic Technologies
Solar Shading
Third-Generation Thin-Film Solar Applications
Flexible Glass Solar Panels
Polysilicon Producers
Solar Inverter
Solar Micro Inverter
Solar Panel Electricity Solutions
Solar Energy
Single Crystal Solar
Thin Film Panels
Sunlight Intensity
Micromorph Modules
BIPV Canopy Systems
Solar Regional Market
Concentrated Solar Thermal
Concentrated Solar Power CSP
Photovoltaic Conversion Of Sun Light

1. Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1 Sun Abundant Source Of Energy
1.1.1 Solar Energy From the Sun
1.2 Power From the Sun
1.2.1 Solar Energy Supports Worldwide Demand For Electricity
1.2.2 The Solar Solution
1.3 Solar Industry Key Drivers
1.3.1 Demand Driven By The Availability Of Government Economic Incentives
1.3.2 Government Incentives for Solar Power:
1.3.3 Solar Energy Benefits
1.4 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Technologies
1.5 Sunlight Intensity in Various Regions
1.5.1 Average Solar Irradiance
1.5.2 Global Solar Resources for PV Photovoltaic and CSP Technologies
1.5.3 Sunshine Index
1.5.4 Economics of PV
1.6 Solar Technology
1.6.1 Cost-Competitive Solar
1.7 Utility Power Positioning
1.7.1 Utility Solar Decision Making
1.8 Smart Electric Grid Overhaul: Utility
1.8.1 IBM Smart Grid
1.8.2 U.S. Electric Grid Needs Major Overhaul: Utility
1.9 Competition and Advanced PV Technologies
1.10 Era Of Cheap Energy
1.10.1 Unprecedented Level Of Development Worldwide
1.10.2 Population Increases
1.11 Tackling Climate Change
1.11.1 Greenhouse Gases

2. Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Solar Market Shares and Forecasts
2.1 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Solar Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 Utilities Can Add Concentrated SolarPower Systems Incrementally
2.1.2 Worldwide Demand For Energy
2.1.3 US, Chinese, and European Solar Companies
2.1.4 Impact of High Solar Irradiance
2.1.5 Forces Driving Investment in Solar Energy
2.2 Concentrating Solar Power Market Shares
2.2.1 Abengoa Solar Commercializes High-Concentration Photovoltaic System
2.2.2 SolFocus
2.2.3 Acciona
2.2.4 Solar Millennium -
2.2.5 Solar Millennium
2.2.6 Areva
2.2.7 Areva / Ausra
2.2.8 Alstom
2.2.9 BrightSource Ivanpah
2.2.10 BrightSource Hidden Hills Economic Benefits
2.2.11 Brightsource Energy -
2.2.12 eSolar Concentrated Solar Thermal
2.2.13 eSolar / Google
2.2.14 GE to Invest $40 Million in eSolar
2.2.15 eSolar and GE
2.2.16 Siemens
2.2.17 Siemens / Solel
2.2.18 Boeing / Spectrolab
2.2.19 Boeing / SpectroLab
2.2.20 Solar Reserve Partnered With United Technologies
2.2.21 SolarReserve
2.2.22 Schott
2.2.23 Amonix Financial Flexibility For Utilities Adds Solar Power Systems Incrementally As They Become Needed
2.2.24 Clark Energy Group
2.2.25 Solaflect Energy
2.2.26 Amonix Utility Solar Resources
2.2.27 Masdar Operates Through Five Integrated Units
2.2.28 Masdar PV Production Capacity at Ichtershausen
2.2.29 Masdar PV
2.2.30 Masdar PV Thin-Film Photovoltaics
2.2.31 Masdar PV and Beck Energy Open-Space
Solar Park In Germany
2.2.32 ET Solar Grid Connection of a 2.9MW
Power Plant in Germany
2.2.33 Beijing Jingyuntong Technology
2.2.34 Companies Offering Fresnel Lens Systems
2.3 Concentrated Solar Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Concentrated Solar Power CSP
2.4 Developing Technologies: Concentrators
2.4.1 Solar Energy Cost-Of-Electricity Analysis
2.4.2 Concentrated Solar Thermal - Segment
2.4.3 Concentrating Solar Power Glass Discussion
2.4.4 Concentrated Solar Power Plants
2.4.5 Concentrating Solar Energy Market Forecast Analysis
2.4.6 Solar-Thermal Power Plant Technology:
2.5 Molten Salt Solar Utility Scale Energy Market Forecast
2.6 Solar Steam Generators
2.6.1 Parabolic Dish Stirling Solar Collectors
2.6.2 Solar Power Tower
2.7 Renewable Energy Growth
2.7.1 Buildings & Solar
2.8 Solar Market Opportunity
2.9 Solar Power Markets
2.9.1 Solar Power Market Shares
2.9.2 Solar Market Forecasts
2.9.3 Grid Parity
2.9.4 Impact of Oil Price on Solar Industry
2.9.5 Outlook for Solar Electricity
2.9.6 Solar Electricity Storage: Thin Film Batteries Complement The Hydrogen Manufacture
2.10 Solar Industry Segment Demand
2.11 Global Solar Resources
2.12 Solar Market Installed Capacity
2.12.1 PV Countries 2010
2.12.2 PV Installations by Technology
2.12.3 PV Installations by Application and Country
2.13 Solar Regional Market Segments
2.13.1 United States Solar Market
2.13.2 Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the United States, Canada, China, India, and Australia provide FiT, Rebates, Tax Incentives, And Other Incentives Subsidies
2.13.3 Australia: Solar Market
2.13.4 China: Solar Market
2.13.5 China's Insatiable Demand For Energy
2.13.6 Environmental Concerns Continue To Mount
2.13.7 Chinese Concerns About Power Reliability And Energy Security
2.13.8 China's Energy Policies Are Focused On Fostering Energy And Environmental Conservation
2.13.9 India: Solar Market

3 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)
3.1 Heliostats
3.2 Abengoa SA
3.2.1 Abengoa Solar Commercial Operation of Solnova 3
3.2.2 Abengoa Solar Concentrating Solar Power
3.2.3 Abengoa Solar Power Tower
3.2.4 Abengoa Solar Operating Scheme For Tower Technology
3.2.5 Abengoa Solar Hybridation and Storage
3.2.6 Abengoa Solar Land Requirement For 20 MW Plants
3.2.7 Abengoa Solar ISCC (Integrated Solar Combined Cycle)
3.2.8 Abengoa Large Scale Solar Plants
3.3 eSolar
3.3.1 eSolar / Google
3.3.2 eSolar Technology
3.3.3 eSolar Products
3.3.4 eSolar Startup in the US Solar Technology Market
3.4 Google Solar Thermal Plant
3.5 BrightSource Energy
3.5.1 BrightSource. Energy / Luz
3.5.2 Brightsource Energy $1.4 Billion In Loan Guarantees From U.S. Department Of Energy
3.5.3 BrightSource Energy Ivanpah Project
3.5.4 BrightSource Energy Luz Power Tower 550 (LPT 550) Technology
3.5.5 Brightsource Energy Reduced Footprint Mitigation For Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System
3.5.6 BrightSource Energy Mirrors
3.5.7 BrightSource Energy Heliostats
3.5.8 BrightSource Energy Heliostat Control System
3.5.9 BrightSource EnergyTower and Boiler
3.5.10 BrightSource Energy Power Block
3.6 Schott
3.6.1 Schott Parabolic Recievers Schott Powered Thermal Parabolic Trough Power
3.7 Areva / Ausra
3.7.1 Areva Strategy
3.7.2 Ausra
3.8 Ausra
3.8.1 Ausra Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR)
3.9 Acciona
3.9.1 Acciona
3.10 Concentrating Photovoltiac Systems
3.11 Amonix
3.11.1 Thermax Limited Partners With Amonix
3.11.2 Amonix Manufacturing Facility
3.11.3 Amonix Solar Power Distributed Utility Model
3.11.4 Amonix Financial Flexibility For Utilities: Power Systems Added Incrementally As Needed
3.11.5 Amonix / Thermax
3.12 Entech Solar Energy Hybrid
3.12.1 Entech Collimating Skylight Overview
3.12.2 Entech Inexpensive Fresnel Lenses
3.12.3 Entech Collimating Skylight Overview
3.12.4 Entech Solar SolarVolt™ Module
3.13 Fresnel Lens Systems
3.14 Soitec Group / Concentrix Solar
3.14.1 Soitec Concentrix™ Technology
3.15 Green and Gold Energy / SolarCube
3.16 Emcore
3.16.1 Emcore Supplies Concentrator Solar Cells from Green and Gold Energy
3.16.2 EMCORE Acquires Soliant Energy
3.17 Parabolic Dish Stirling Engine
3.18 Stirling Energy Systems
3.18.1 Stirling Energy Systems
3.18.2 Stirling Energy Systems SunCatcher
3.18.3 Stirling Energy Systems SunCatcher™ Technology
3.18.4 Stirling Energy Systems SunCatcher
3.19 Infinia
3.19.1 Infinia Powerdish
3.19.2 Infinia PowerDish
3.20 SOL3G
3.20.1 SOL3G M40 module
3.20.2 SOL3G Gira-Sol System GS700
3.21 Solergy
4.1.1 Solergy Cogen CPV™
4.1.2 Solergy Solar PV / Concentrated
3.22 SolFocus
3.22.1 SolFocus CPV Systems
3.23 Pacific SolarTech
3.23.1 Pacific SolarTech MicroPV TM Concentrator Photovoltaic Modules
3.24 Whitfield Solar
3.24.1 Whitfield Solar System Solar Panel Two-axis Tracker
3.25 Prism Solar Technologies
4.1.3 Prism Solar Modules
3.25.1 Prism Solar Technologies Dual Aperture Aspect
3.26 EMCORE Concentrator Photovoltaic Arrays (CPV) Solar Power Solutions
3.26.1 Emcore's Multi- Junction Solar Cell Technology Adapted to Terrestrial Power Generation
3.26.2 Emcore / Soliant / Heliotube
3.27 ZenithSolar Concentrated
3.27.1 Z20 Solar Energy Generator
3.28 Sunrgi Concentrated Photovoltaic System
3.28.1 SUNRGI
3.28.2 Sunrgi Technology
3.29 CoolEarth Solar
3.29.1 CoolEarth Solar Concentrators Focus the Sun
3.29.2 CoolEarth Solar Support System
3.29.3 CoolEarth Solar Balloon Technology
3.30 GreenVolt
3.30.1 GreenVolt Scalable, Reliable, High Performance Solar
3.31 Lateral Aperture Solar Design
3.32 Maxxun
3.32.1 Maxxun PV Cell
3.33 Stellaris
3.33.1 Stellaris ClearPower Modules
3.34 Sol Solution
3.35 H2Go
3.36 Sunengy Liquid Solar Array
3.36.1 Sunengy Liquid Solar Array LSA Technology
3.36.2 Energy Innovations
4.1.4 Energy Innovations Technology
3.36.3 Energy Innovations Advanced Optical Design
3.36.4 Energy Innovations Triple Junction Cells
3.36.5 Energy Innovations 2-Axis Tracking
3.36.6 Energy Innovations Built-in Performance Monitoring
3.36.7 Energy Innovations Low-Profile Design
3.36.8 Energy Innovations Ease of Installation
3.36.9 Energy Innovations Lowest Installed Cost
3.36.10 Energy Innovations Micro-Converter Technology
3.37 Pythagoras Solar
4.1.5 Photovoltaic Glass Unit (PVGU)
3.38 SVV Technology Innovations
3.38.1 SVV Technology Ring - Array Solar Concentrator
3.38.2 SVV Technology Slat - Array Solar Concentrator (SAC)
3.39 Solaflect Energy
3.39.1 Solaflect Energy Hot Water or Electricity
3.39.2 Solaflect Energy Hot Water
3.39.3 Solaflect Energy Electricity
3.40 Concentrating Thermal Systems
3.41 AORA
4.1.6 AORA Technology
3.42 Beam Down Solar
3.43 BrightSource
3.43.1 BrightSource Ivanpah
3.43.2 BrightSource Energy Solar Energy Development Center
3.43.3 BrightSource Energy Hidden Hills
3.44 Solargenix
3.44.1 Solargenix Nevada Solar One, a 64-Megawatt (MW) Solar Electric Power Plant Project
3.45 Solucar
3.46 Sopogy
3.47 Biomass / Solar Concentrated
3.48 Andersen Manufacturing
3.49 Spain Plugs In World's Largest Solar Tower
3.50 Parabolic Trough Technology
3.50.1 Abengoa Solar Parabolic Trough
3.50.2 Abengoa Solar Concentrating Solar Power Requirements
3.51 Flagsol
3.52 SkyFuel
3.53 HelioDynamics
3.54 Practical Solar
3.55 GreenShift'
3.56 Menova Energy
3.57 AXT
3.58 AzurSpace
3.59 Boeing / SpectroLab
3.59.1 Spectrolab
3.59.2 Boeing Satellite Solar-Cell Technology
3.60 Spire Semiconductor, LLC
3.61 Masdar PV
3.61.1 Masdar PV Modules Amorphous Modules
3.61.2 Masdar PV Micromorph Modules
3.62 Solar Thermal
3.63 Solar Millennium -
3.63.1 Solar Millennium Salts To Replace Oil In Parabolic Trough Power Plants 193
3.64 Intersolar North America
3.65 United Technologies
3.65.1 United Technologies / Hamilton Sundstrand / SolarReserve
3.65.2 United Technologies Hamilton Sundstrand Unit
3.65.3 United Technologies Hamilton Sundstrand
3.65.4 United Technologies / Hamilton Sundstrand / SolarReserve Power Towers
3.65.5 United Technologies / Hamilton Sundstrand / SolarReserve
3.65.6 United Technologies / Hamilton Sundstrand / SolarReserve
3.65.7 United Technologies / Hamilton Sundstrand / SolarReserve
3.65.8 Rocketdyne / SolarReserve
3.65.9 Solar Thermal With Molten Salt Energy Storage: SolarReserve Heads to Nevada
3.65.10 Solar Reserve Partnered With United Technologies
3.66 Siemens Energy Sector / Renewable Energy Division
3.66.1 Siemens Solar-Thermal Power Plant
3.66.2 Siemens Global Market Leader For Turbines In Solar Thermal Parabolic Trough Power Plants
3.66.3 Siemens Solar-Thermal Power Plant: Putting the Desert to Use
3.66.4 Siemens 123-MW Steam Turbine-Generator For
Solar Thermal Power Plant In California
3.66.5 Siemens Solar Efficiency
3.66.6 Siemens Next-Generation Solar UVAC Receiver Increases Thermal Output Of Power Plants
3.66.7 Siemens -
3.67 Asahi Glass
3.67.1 Asahi Glass Flexible Solar Cells
3.68 GE
3.69 Hitachi
3.70 Solar Thermal Water Heating Units
3.70.1 Zing Solar Water Heating
3.70.2 Vajra Plus Solar Water Heating
3.70.3 Hotmax Nova Solar Heating
3.70.4 TATA BP Solar Business Energy
3.71 Daqo New Energy Solar Module
3.72 Dyesol DSC Applications Designs In BIPV
3.73 JinkoSolar Value Chain
3.73.1 JinkoSolar Product Traceability Control
3.73.2 JinkoSolar High Efficiency Modules
3.73.3 JinkoSolar High Efficiency Cells
3.73.4 JinkoSolar High Quality Wafers
3.73.5 JinkoSolar Advanced Technology

4. Concentrating Solar Systems Strategy, Technology, and Applications
4.1 Types of PV Systems
4.2 Concentrating Solar Power
4.3 Solar Reflectors
4.3.1 Semiconductors Absorb Light
4.3.2 How Solar Energy Works
4.3.3 Connecting to the Grid:
4.3.4 SunEdison's Approach:
4.3.5 Solar Electricity
4.4 Entech Solar Collimator ™ Technology
4.5 CSP Used To Produce Electricity
4.5.1 Parabolic Trough
4.5.2 Solar-Thermal Power Plant Technology:
4.6 Parabolic Dish Stirling Solar Collectors
4.7 Solar Power Tower
4.8 Fresnel Lenses
4.8.1 Fresnel Reflectors
4.9 Pacific Solartech Concentrator Photovoltaic Modules Technology
4.10 BrightSource Energy LPT Solar Thermal Energy System
4.10.1 BrightSource’s LPT solar thermal system Heliostats
4.10.2 BrightSource Solar Receiver (Boiler)
4.10.3 BrightSource Storage
4.10.4 BrightSource Technology

5. Concentrating Solar Energy Company Profiles
5.1 Abengoa Solar
5.1.1 Abengoa Solana: The World's Largest Solar Plant
5.1.2 Abengoa Solar
5.1.3 Abengoa Solar Concentrating Solar Power
5.1.4 Abengoa Solar Photovoltaic
5.1.5 Abengoa Solar Customized Industrial and Commercial Applications
5.1.6 Abengoa Research and Development of Solar Technology
5.1.7 Abengoa Solar Commercializes High-Concentration Photovoltaic System
5.1.8 Joint Venture Between Masdar (60%), Total (20%) and Abengoa (20%) Shams-1 Solar Project
5.1.9 Abengoa
5.1.10 Abengoa and Climate Change
5.2 Acciona Solar Power
5.2.1 Acciona Sustainability
5.2.2 Acciona U.S. Projects
5.2.3 Acciona Canadian Projects
5.2.4 Acciona Energa, s.a. -
5.2.5 Acciona World Leader In Renewables
5.2.6 Acciona (Navarre, Spain)
5.2.7 Ten Entities Finance Acciona's Eurus Windpark In Mexico With Usd375m
5.2.8 Acciona Energy Wind Parks in Mexico
5.2.9 Acciona And Dhamma Energy Sign An Agreement To Develop 250 Mw Of Photovoltaic Power In France
5.2.10 Acciona Financial Information
5.2.11 Acciona2009 Revenue Results
5.2.12 Acciona Business strategy
5.2.13 Acciona Project Development
5.2.14 Acciona Exploitation And Sale Of Power
5.2.15 Acciona Wind Energy
5.2.16 Acciona Production
5.2.17 Acciona Photovoltaic
5.2.18 Acciona Other Facilities
5.2.19 Acciona Solar Thermal Power
5.2.20 AccionaFour Plants in Spain
5.2.21 Acciona Installations for Customers
5.2.22 Acciona Hydropower
5.3 Andersen Manufacturing
5.4 Applied Materials
5.4.1 Applied Materials Segment Analysis
5.4.2 Applied Materials Silicon Segment
5.4.3 Applied Three-Dimensional (3D) ICs
5.4.4 Applied Materials Deposition
5.4.5 Applied Materials Atomic Layer Deposition
5.4.6 Applied Materials Chemical Vapor Deposition
5.4.7 Applied Materials Applied Producer CVD Platform
5.4.8 Applied Materials Low k Dielectric Films —
5.4.9 Applied Materials Lithography-Enabling Solutions
5.4.10 Applied Materials Gap Fill Films —
5.4.11 Applied Materials Strain Engineering Solutions
5.4.12 Applied Materials Epitaxial Deposition
5.4.13 Applied Materials Polysilicon Deposition —
5.4.14 Applied Materials Tungsten Deposition —
5.4.15 Applied Materials Physical Vapor Deposition
5.4.16 Applied Materials Etch
5.4.17 Applied Materials Rapid Thermal Processing
5.4.18 Applied Materials Chemical Mechanical Planarization
5.4.19 Applied Materials Metrology and Wafer Inspection
5.4.20 Applied Materials Critical Dimension and Defect Review Scanning Electron Microscopes (CD-SEMs and DR-SEMs)
5.4.21 Applied Materials Wafer Inspection
5.4.22 Applied Materials Mask Making
5.4.23 Applied Materials Display Segment
5.4.24 Applied Global Services Segment
5.4.25 Applied Materials Fab Services —
5.4.26 Applied Films Vacuum Coating Technologies
5.4.27 Applied Materials Energy and Environmental Solutions Segment
5.5 AORA
5.5.1 AORA (formerly EDIG Solar) Belongs To The EDIG Group Of Companies
5.6 Areva / Ausra
5.6.1 AREVA Leads Global Nuclear Power Industry
5.6.2 Areva Ranked First In The Global Nuclear Power Industry
5.6.3 Areva / Ausra
5.6.4 Areva Group
5.6.5 An Organization Combining Operational Decentralization And Global Coordination
5.6.6 Areva Power Generation With Less Carbon Solutions
5.6.7 Areva Fundamentals Of A World Leader In Energy
5.6.8 AREVA Key Figures for 2010
5.6.9 AREVA Group
5.6.10 AREVA Mining-Front End Business Groups - One Of The Leaders In Its Field
5.6.11 AREVA Reactors and Services, Number 1 in the World
5.6.12 AREVA Back End Activities, A Major Technological And Industrial Advance
5.6.13 Renewable Energy, a Major Challenge
5.6.14 Revenue
5.7 Asahi Glass Co Ltd
.7.1 Asahi Glass Fuel Cell
5.7.2 Asahi Glass Fuel Cells Close To Practical Use
5.7.3 Asahi Glass Fuel Cells In Daily Life In 2010
5.7.4 Asahi Glass Chemicals Business as Core Business to the AGC Group
5.7.5 Asahi Glass ETFE Film With High Transparency And Flexibility
5.7.6 AGC Asahi GlassRevenue
5.7.7 Asahi Glass Revenue
5.8 AZUR SPACE Solar Power
5.9 Battelle
5.10 BrightSource Energy
5.10.1 BrightSource. Energy / Luz
5.10.2 BrightSource Energy $1.4 billion In Loan Guarantees From The U.S. Department of Energy
5.10.3 BrightSource Energy Ivanpah Project: Clean Energy, Union Jobs, Environmentally-Responsible
5.10.4 BrightSource Energy Luz Power Tower 550 (LPT 550) Technology
5.10.5 Brightsource Energy $150 Million Of Equity Financing
5.10.6 BrightSource Energy
5.10.7 BrightSource Investors
5.10.8 BrightSource Energy Hiddens Hills Solar Electric Generating System
5.10.9 BrightSource Hidden Hills Economic Benefits
5.11 Boeing
5.11.1 Boeing 787 Dreamliner
5.11.2 Boeing 787 Dreamliner Performance
5.11.3 Boeing Advanced Technology
5.11.4 Boeing Participation In Commercial Jet Aircraft Market
5.11.5 Boeing Participation In Defense Industry Jet Aircraft Market
5.11.6 Boeing Defense, Space & Security
5.11.7 Boeing Advanced Military Aircraft:
5.11.8 Boeing Military Aircraft
5.11.9 Boeing Continuing Progress
5.11.10 Boeing-iRobot Team Receives New SUGV Task Order From US Army
5.11.11 Boeing Company/ Spectrolab,
5.12 Cool Earth Solar
5.12.1 Cool Earth Solar Expands Operations
5.13 Corning
5.13.1 Corning Display Technologies Segment
5.13.2 Corning Revenue
5.13.3 Corning Display Technologies Segment
5.13.4 Corning Telecommunications Segment
5.13.5 Corning Environmental Technologies Segment
5.13.6 Corning Specialty Materials Segment
5.13.7 Corning Life Sciences Segment
5.14 Directed Vapor Technology
5.14.1 Directed Vapor Deposition Next Generation Coating Technology
5.15 du Pont
5.15.1 DuPont
5.15.2 DuPont™ Kapton®
5.15.3 DuPont™ Kapton® Polyimide Films
5.15.4 DuPont Teonex
5.16 Emcore
5.16.1 Fiber Optics
5.16.2 Cable Television (CATV) and Fiber-To-The-Premise (FTTP) Networks
5.16.3 Telecommunications Networks
5.16.4 Data Communications Networks
5.16.5 Satellite Communications Networks
5.16.6 Storage Area Networks
5.16.7 Emcore Defense and Homeland Security
5.16.8 Photovoltaics: EMCORE Photovoltaics and
Solar Power
5.16.9 Emcore Acquires CPV Soliant
5.17 Energy Innovations
5.18 WorldWater & Solar Technologies / Entech Solar
5.18.1 WorldWater & Solar Technologies / Entech
5.18.2 Entech Solar Certification of Daylighting Product
5.18.3 Energy Focus / Entech Solar Commercial Skylighting Distribution Agreement
5.19 eSolar
5.19.1 eSolar Investors
5.19.2 GE to Invest $40 Million in eSolar
5.19.3 eSolar Awards
5.20 ET Solar
5.20.1 ET Solar Corporate Vision
5.20.2 ET Solar Modules Adopted in a UK Commercial Rooftop Project
5.20.3 ET Solar / Zep Compatible Modules for Rooftop PV Systems
5.20.4 ET Solar Grid Connection of a 2.9MW Power Plant in Germany
5.21 GE Energy
5.21.1 GE Steam Turbines to Boost Output, Efficiency of Saudi Electricity Company’s Qurayyah Power Plant
5.21.2 GE Emissions Testing Team Becomes Early Adopter of Future EPA Standards
5.21.3 GE Smart Grid Technologies Transform Ireland’s Energy
5.22 Green and Gold Energy / SunCube™ International Group (SCIG)
5.23 GreenVolts
5.23.1 GreenVolts Global Cleantech 100 Clean Technology Company
5.24 Hitachi
5.24.1 Hitachi America
5.24.2 Hitachi America, Ltd. Focusing On Smart Grid Energy Storage for Solar Farms
5.24.3 Hitachi Long Life Lead Acid Batteries
5.25 Infinia
5.26 Mubadala / Masdar
5.26.1 Masdar Operates Through Five Integrated Units
5.26.2 Masdar PV
5.26.3 Masdar Initiative
5.26.4 Masdar PV Production Capacity at Ichtershausen
5.26.5 Masdar PV and Raabvill Kft. Build Solar Parks With Full Size Modules
5.26.6 Masdar PV and Beck Energy Open-Space Solar Park In Germany
5.27 Pacific Solar Tech
5.28 Prism Solar Technologies
5.29 Pythagoras Solar
5.29.1 Prism Solar Technologies BIPV
5.29.2 Pythagoras Solar Solution
5.30 Schott
5.30.1 Schott Electronic Packaging Gmbh
5.30.2 Schott AgFlat Glass
5.30.3 Schott Technological Competence
5.30.4 SCHOTT Solar Global presence
5.30.5 SCHOTT Solar Photovoltaics (PV) Business Division
5.30.6 SCHOTT Solar 2008 - Hospital Ward In Senegal
5.30.7 SCHOTT Light for Tanzania
5.30.8 SCHOTT Solar PV and Consolidated Solar Technologies Inaugurate Photovoltaic Solar Installation at Moriarty High School
5.30.9 SCHOTT Solar Black Frame Modules
5.30.10 SCHOTT Solar comes out on top in PV+ Test Conducted by Solarpraxis and TÜV Rheinland
5.31 SEIA:
5.32 Siemens
5.32.1 Siemens Business Areas
5.32.2 Siemens Steam Turbine-Generator to England - Delivery Scheduled In 13 Months
5.32.3 Siemens Energy Sector
5.32.4 Siemens / Solel
5.32.5 Siemens Wind Power A/S -
5.32.6 Siemens Fossil Power Generation
5.32.7 Siemens Renewable Energy Revenue and Orders
5.32.8 Siemens Regional Revenue
5.32.9 Siemens Revenue
5.32.10 Siemens’ Worldwide Network
5.33 Sol3G
5.34 Solaflect Energy
5.34.1 Solargenix Energy, LLC
5.34.2 Solaflect Energy Non-Tracking Evacuated Tube Collectors
5.34.3 Solaflect Energy Solar Trough Power Plants
5.34.4 Solaflect Energy Desalination
5.35 Solergy
5.35.1 Solergy Building Integrated CPV (BICPV) Solution for Greenhouses And To Cultivate Roses
5.36 SolFocus
5.36.1 SolFocus CPV System Leverages Panel Technology and Optimizes Large-Scale Deployments
5.36.2 SolFocus
5.36.3 SolFocus Low Lifecycle Greenhouse Gas Intensity
5.36.4 No Water Consumption
5.36.5 SolFocus Less Disruption of the Land and Local Ecosystem
5.36.6 CPV technology:
5.36.7 SolFocus Partners with Bechtel to Deliver Renewable Power for California Agribusiness
5.36.8 SolFocus and Vision Electro Mechanical Company to Build the Largest Solar Power Plant of its Kind in Saudi Arabia
5.37 Solitec / Concentrix Solar
5.37.1 Soitec Concentrix™ Technology
5.38 Solar Millennium
5.38.1 Solar Millennium Revenue First Half Of The Fiscal Year
5.38.2 Solar Millennium AG: Solar-Thermal Power Plant Technology:
5.39 Solyndra Shut The Doors To Its California Headquarters
5.39.1 Solyndra: The Rooftop Solar Leader
5.40 Sol Solutions
5.41 Stellaris
5.42 Stirling Energy Systems
5.42.1 Stirling Energy Systems SunCatcherTM Technology
5.43 Sunengy Liquid Solar Array
5.44 Sunrgi
5.45 SVV Technology Innovations
5.46 Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Cooperation (TREC)
5.46.1 TREC-UK -
5.47 United Technologies / SolarReserve
5.47.1 United Technologies
5.47.2 United Technologies / Hamilton Sundstrand
5.47.3 Hamilton Sundstrand Technologically Advanced Aerospace And Industrial Products
5.47.4 United Technologies Revenue
5.48 Whitfield Solar
5.48.1 Whitfield CPV- The Power To Progress
5.49 Whole Energy Solar
5.50 Zenith Solar
5.50.1 ZenithSolar Values
5.50.2 ZenithSolar Strengths
5.50.3 ZenithSolar to Build Two 10 MW CHP Solar Stations in Gansu, China
5.51 Three US Solar Companies Go Bankrupt

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