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Wintergreen Research

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Systems Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020


Report Published By: Winter Green Research
Publication Date : Apr-2014
No. of Pages: 436

WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Concentrated Solar Power (CSP): Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020. The 2014 study has 436 pages, 190 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) integrates molten salt storage technologies and leverages the existing steam electrical power generating capacity.

The concentrated solar power market is set to explode despite environmental objections to the technology. The latest CSP launch, Ivanpah solar electric generating system is an engineering marvel that delivers on the full promise of solar energy. Ivanpah has 347,000 garage door-sized mirrors distributed across 173,500 heliostats. The heliostats track with the sun so that the mirrors can efficiently reflect its rays up to boilers that sit on top of the facility's three towers. The system uses solar field integration software and a solar receiver steam generator.

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) solar energy is the most promising and sustainable renewable energy; rolling out CSP systems offers both performance and competitive energy prices. CSP Solar provides a crucial energy solution that is utility scale and works 24 x 7 in combination with back-up stationary fuel cells.

Concentrating solar power is one of several preferred methods of solar electricity production. In most places it has achieved 'grid-parity' when considering ROI over 35 years. The mainstream cost of electricity from the grid can be complemented by solar systems. The solar industry in China is funded by the government. This unrelenting investment in energy efficiency has thrust the Chinese companies into the forefront of the industry.

Other countries rely on tax incentives and special tariffs to sustain further investment in solar electricity generation. This has enabled the industry to develop and provides very attractive investment opportunities, and is expected to do so for some time to come.

There is a move in the solar industry to achieve grid-parity. Once this is secure, the solar market can expand very rapidly achieving penetration growth calculations that exceed any growth rate per se. A step-change in system costs is being achieved, putting the industry on the cusp of a major growth spurt.

Concentrating solar technology uses traditional electricity steam generators to make power fueled by solar heat.

The decrease in the costs of implementing CSP solar energy will continue. The competitiveness of concentrated solar power (CSP) will increase. Ultimately the ability to run a utility scale system that provides 24 x 7 electricity, is able to store energy and use it during the night when the sum is down provides competitive advantage to the CSP.

Concentrated Solar power markets at $1.3 billion in 2013 are anticipated to reach $53.7 billion by 2020 because the systems are able to be built at utility scale and to provide 24 x 7 solar renewable energy power. Campus stationary fuel cell power is mature and available to act as a backup power source for CSP, creating greater capabilities and a better story for justifying the build out of CSP.

Companies Profiled

Market Leaders

BrightSource Energy
Solar Millennium AG
United Technologies / SolarReserve

Market Participants

Areva / Ausra
Entech Solar
NextEra Energy
Tooele Army Depot
US Silica

Check Out These Key Topics

Concentrating Solar Power
Solar Utility Power
Utility Peak Power
Residential Solar
Consumer Solar
Concentrated Solar
Smart Grid
Solar Panel Technologies
Conversion Efficiency Confirmation From NREL
Solar Applications
Sunlight Intensity
Micromorph Modules
Solar Regional Market
Concentrated Solar Thermal
Concentrated Solar Power CSP
Photovoltaic Conversion Of Sun Light

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Executive Summary

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Solar Market Driving Forces
Killing the Birds
Utilities Can Add Concentrated Solar Power Systems Incrementally
Worldwide Demand For Energy
Impact of High Solar Irradiance
Forces Driving Investment in Solar Energy
Concentrating Solar Power Market Shares
Concentrated Solar Market Forecasts

1. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1 Sun Abundant Source Of Energy
1.1.1 Solar Energy From the Sun
1.2 Power From the Sun
1.2.1 Solar Energy Supports Worldwide Demand For Electricity
1.2.2 The Solar Solution
1.3 Solar Industry Key Drivers
1.3.1 Demand Driven By The Availability Of Government Economic Incentives
1.3.2 Government Incentives for Solar Power:
1.3.3 Solar Energy Benefits
1.4 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Technologies
1.5 Sunlight Intensity in Various Regions
1.5.1 Average Solar Irradiance
1.5.2 Global Solar Resources for PV Photovoltaic and CSP Technologies
1.5.3 Sunshine Index
1.5.4 Economics of PV
1.6 CSP Solar Technology
1.6.1 Cost-Competitive Solar
1.7 Utility Power Positioning
1.7.1 Utility Solar Decision Making
1.8 Smart Electric Grid Overhaul: Utility
1.8.1 IBM Smart Grid
1.8.2 U.S. Electric Grid Needs Major Overhaul: Utility
1.9 Competition and Advanced PV Technologies
1.10 Era Of Cheap Energy
1.10.1 Unprecedented Level Of Development Worldwide
1.10.2 Population Increases
1.11 Tackling Climate Change
1.11.1 Greenhouse Gases
1.12 CSP Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.12.1 Glass and Mirrors in Concentrated Solar Power Systems
1.12.2 Concentrated Solar Power – Clean, Predictable Electricity Generation 24x7
1.12.3 Parabolic Trough Power Plants
1.13 CSP Creates Green Energy

2. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Market Shares and Market Forecasts
2.1 Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Solar Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 Killing the Birds
2.1.2 Utilities Can Add Concentrated Solar Power Systems Incrementally
2.1.3 Worldwide Demand For Energy
2.1.4 Impact of High Solar Irradiance
2.1.5 Forces Driving Investment in Solar Energy
2.2 Concentrating Solar Power Market Shares
2.2.1 Abengoa Solar Commercializes High-Concentration Photovoltaic System
2.2.2 BrightSource Ivanpah
2.2.3 Brightsource Energy -
2.2.4 Acciona
2.2.5 Areva
2.2.6 Areva / Ausra
2.2.7 Alstom
2.2.8 eSolar Concentrated Solar Thermal
2.2.9 Solar Reserve Partnered With United Technologies
2.2.10 SolarReserve
2.2.11 Amonix Solar Power Systems
2.2.12 Amonix Utility Solar Resources
2.2.13 Solaflect Energy
2.2.14 NextEra Energy Genesis Trough Project
2.3 Concentrated Solar Market Forecasts
2.3.1 CSP Utility Applications
2.3.2 Thermal CSP Industrial Applications
2.3.3 Solar for Extracting Heavy-Oil Reserves
2.3.3 Concentrated Solar Power CSP
2.3.4 CSP Installed Capacity
2.3.5 Demand for Low-Iron Float Glass
2.4 CSP Solar Market Installed Capacity
2.4.1 Concentrating Solar Power Projects by Project Name
2.4.2 Parabolic Trough Projects
2.4.3 Linear Fresnel Reflector Projects
2.4.4 Solar Power Tower Projects
2.4.5 Dish/Engine Projects
2.4.6 Concentrating Solar Power Projects by Project Country
2.4.7 Concentrating solar power (CSP) projects in the United States.
2.4.8 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Projects in Chile
2.4.9 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Projects in Mexico
2.4.10 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Projects in Morocco.
2.4.11 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Projects in Algeria
2.4.12 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Projects in Spain
2.4.13 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Projects in France
2.4.14 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Projects in Germany
2.4.15 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Projects in Egypt
2.4.16 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Projects in South Africa
2.4.17 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Projects in United Arab Emirates
2.4.18 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Projects in India
2.4.19 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Projects in China
2.4.20 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Projects in Thailand
2.4.21 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Projects in Australia
2.4.22 List of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Installations
2.4.23 CSP Number of HelioStats
2.4.24 Parabolic Trough Projects, General Contractor, Supplier, Glass, Turbine
2.4.25 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Project Turbine and Glass Supplier
2.5 CSP Glass ROI
2.5.1 ACWA Holding / Sun & Life / Flabeg ROI for Annealed Solar Mirrors
2.6 Concentrated Solar Thermal - Segment
2.6.1 Solar Energy Cost-Of-Electricity Analysis
2.6.2 Concentrated Solar Thermal - Segment
2.6.3 Concentrating Solar Power Glass Discussion
2.6.4 Concentrated Solar Power Plants
2.6.5 Concentrating Solar Energy Market Analysis
2.6.6 Solar-Thermal Power Plant Technology:
2.7 Molten Salt Solar Utility Scale Energy Market Forecast
2.8 Solar Steam Generators
2.8.1 Solar Power Tower
2.9 Renewable Energy Growth
2.9.1 Buildings & Solar
2.9.2 Grid Parity
2.9.3 Impact of Oil Price on Solar Industry
2.9.4 Outlook for Solar Electricity
2.9.5 Solar Electricity Storage: Thin Film Batteries Complement The Hydrogen Manufacture
2.10 Solar Industry Segment Demand
2.11 Global Solar Resources
2.12 CSV Solar Regional Market Segments
2.12.1 United States Solar Market
2.12.2 China's Insatiable Demand For Energy
2.12.3 Environmental Concerns Continue To Mount
2.12.4 Chinese Concerns About Power Reliability And Energy Security
2.12.5 China's Energy Policies Are Focused On Fostering Energy And Environmental Conservation
2.12.6 India: Solar CSP Market
2.12.7 Industrial Installation Of Concentrating Solar Power In Chile
2.12.8 Abengoa Solar Operational Plants Worldwide

3. Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Product Description
3.1 NextEra Energy Solar Facilities
3.2 Brightsource
3.2.1 BrightSource Projects Development Overview
3.2.2 BrightSource Ivanpah
3.2.3 BrightSource / Babcock Power / Riley Power Inc
3.2.4 Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System
3.2.5 BrightSource Ivanpah Participants
3.2.6 BrightSource Ivanpah Plant Configuration, Solar Field
3.2.7 BrightSource Ivanpah Power Block
3.2.8 BrightSource Ivanpah Thermal Storage
3.2.9 BrightSource Coalinga: Chevron Solar-to-Steam
3.2.10 BrightSource Palen
3.2.11 BrightSource Sedc
3.2.12 BrightSource Proprietary Technology
3.2.13 BrightSource Conventional Components
3.1.1 BrightSource Storage
3.2.14 BrightSource Energy Mirrors
3.2.15 BrightSource Energy Heliostats
3.2.16 BrightSource Energy Heliostat Control System
3.2.17 BrightSource EnergyTower and Boiler
3.2.18 BrightSource Energy Power Block
3.3 Abengoa
3.3.1 Abengoa SA
3.3.2 Abengoa Solana Highlight
3.3.3 Abengoa Mojave Solar Project
3.3.4 Abengoa Develops a New 100 MW Solar Plant in South Africa
3.3.5 Abengoa Xina Solar One
3.3.6 Abengoa Concentrating Solar Power Technology Employed at Extremadura
3.3.7 Abengoa Solar Commercial Operation of Solnova 3
3.3.8 Abengoa Solar Concentrating Solar Power
3.3.9 Abengoa Solar Power Tower
3.3.10 Abengoa Solar Operating Scheme For Tower Technology
3.3.11 Abengoa Solar Hybridation and Storage
3.3.12 Abengoa Solar Land Requirement For 20 MW Plants
3.3.13 Abengoa Solar ISCC (Integrated Solar Combined Cycle)
3.3.14 Abengoa Large Scale Solar Plants
3.3.15 Abengoa Solar Parabolic Trough
3.3.16 Abengoa Solar Concentrating Solar Power Requirements
3.4 eSolar
3.4.1 eSolar Technology
3.4.2 eSolar Products
3.5 Areva / Ausra
3.5.1 Areva Strategy
3.5.2 Ausra
3.5.3 Ausra
3.5.4 Ausra Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR)
3.6 Acciona
3.6.1 Acciona Strategic Importance:
3.6.2 Acciona
3.7 Amonix
3.7.1 Amonix Dual-Axis Tracking
3.7.2 Amonix Thermax Limited Partners
3.7.3 Amonix Manufacturing Facility
3.7.4 Amonix Solar Power Distributed Utility Model
3.7.5 Amonix Financial Flexibility For Utilities: Power Systems Added Incrementally As Needed
3.7.6 Amonix / Thermax
3.8 Entech Solar Energy Hybrid
3.8.1 Entech Collimating Skylight Overview
3.8.2 Entech Inexpensive Fresnel Lenses
3.8.3 Entech Collimating Skylight Overview
3.8.4 Entech Solar SolarVolt™ Module
3.9 Soitec Group
3.9.1 Soitec Concentrix™ Technology
3.10 Tooele Army Depot
3.10.1 Tooele Army Depot Background
3.10.2 Tooele Army Depot Participants
3.10.3 Tooele Army Depot Plant Configuration Solar Field
3.10.4 Tooele Army Depot Power Block

4 Concentrating Solar Systems Strategy, Technology, and Applications
4.1 Concentrating Solar Technologies
4.1.1 Heliostats
4.1.2 Solar Receiver (Boiler)
4.1.3 CSP Electricity Generation Applications
4.1.4 Thermal Energy Storage In The Form Of Molten Salts
4.1.5 BrightSource Technology
4.1.6 BrightSource Energy’s Technology
4.1.7 BrightSource Energy LPT Solar Thermal Energy System
4.1.8 BrightSource’s LPT Solar Thermal System Heliostats
4.1.9 Solar Field Optimization Software and Control System (SFINCS)
4.1.10 BrightSource Solar Receiver (Boiler)
4.1.11 BrightSource Storage
4.1.12 BrightSource Technology
4.2 CSP Technology Matures
4.3 Types of PV Systems
4.4 Concentrating Solar Power
4.5 Solar Reflectors
4.5.1 Semiconductors Absorb Light
4.5.2 How Solar Energy Works
4.5.3 Connecting to the Grid:
4.5.4 SunEdison's Approach:
4.5.5 Solar Electricity
4.6 Entech Solar Collimator ™ Technology
4.7 CSP Used To Produce Electricity
4.7.1 Parabolic Trough
4.7.2 Solar-Thermal Power Plant Technology:
4.8 Parabolic Dish Stirling Solar Collectors
4.9 Solar Power Tower
4.10 Fresnel Lenses
4.10.1 Fresnel Reflectors
4.11 Pacific Solartech Concentrator Photovoltaic Modules Technology

5. Concentrating Solar Energy Company Profiles
5.1 Abengoa Solar
5.1.1 Abengoa Solana: The World's Largest Solar Plant
5.1.2 Abengoa Solar
5.1.3 Abengoa Solar Concentrating Solar Power
5.1.4 Abengoa Solar Photovoltaic
5.1.5 Abengoa Solar Customized Industrial and Commercial Applications
5.1.6 Abengoa Research and Development of Solar Technology
5.1.7 Abengoa Solar Commercializes High-Concentration Photovoltaic System
5.1.8 Joint Venture Between Masdar (60%), Total (20%) and Abengoa (20%) Shams-1 Solar Project
5.1.9 Abengoa
5.1.10 Abengoa Mojave Solar Project
5.1.11 Abengoa South Africa
5.1.12 Abengoa and Climate Change
5.1.13 Abengoa Revenue
5.1.14 Abengoa Regional Presence
5.2 Acciona Solar Power
5.2.1 Acciona Solar Power Key Financial Figures
5.2.2 Acciona Solar Power Petroleum
5.2.3 Acciona Sustainability
5.2.4 Acciona U.S. Projects
5.2.5 Acciona Canadian Projects
5.2.6 Acciona Energa, s.a. –
5.3 Amonix
5.3.1 Amonix and Boeing
5.4 AORA
5.4.1 AORA (formerly EDIG Solar) Belongs To The EDIG Group Of Companies
5.5 Areva / Ausra
5.5.1 AREVA Leads Global Nuclear Power Industry
5.6 BrightSource
5.6.1 Principal Members of BrightSource Energy Technical Team
5.6.2 Ivanpah
5.6.3 BrightSource Ivanpah
5.6.4 BrightSource / Babcock Power / Riley Power Inc
5.6.5 BrightSource Energy Investors
5.7 Entech Solar
5.7.1 Entech Solar Customers
5.8 eSolar
5.9 NextEra Energy
5.9.1 NextEra Energy Capacity Reach
5.9.2 NextEra Energy Participation in Renewable Energy Markets
5.9.3 NextEra Energy Corporate Structure
5.9.4 NextEra EnergySolar Operations
5.9.5 NextEra Energy Leading Clean Energy Company
5.9.6 NextEra Energy NEER Generation by Geographic Region
5.10 Soitec
5.11 SolarReserve
5.11.1 SolarReserve Technology and Investment Partners
5.11.2 SolarReserve Technology Partner
5.12 Tooele Army Depot
5.13 US Silica
5.13.1 US Silica Uses
5.13.2 US Silica Operations
5.13.3 US Silica Low Iron Sand

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