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Computed Tomography (CT): Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2018


Report Published By: Winter Green Research
Publication Date : Feb-2013
No. of Pages: 412

WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Computed Tomography (CT) Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2018. The 2013 study has 412 pages, 185 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as CT gains significant new imaging clarity.

CT imaging is useful for healthcare therapeutic decision-making. Infarctions caused by stroke and extensive bleeding are types of conditions imaged. Subarachnoid hemorrhage and a ruptured aneurysm are imaged. Seeing the conditions clearly makes a huge difference in choosing between different treatment options. CT is a primary diagnostic tool in oncology. It is used to detect cancer, for oncologic treatment follow-up and in assessing the lung diseases. In emergency care, CT has become the primary test for trauma, stroke or chest pain.

According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the study, "Superior image quality brings clinical improvement. Physicians are thrilled when they can see what is going on so much more clearly. Market leaders in the higher-slice segments have proven superior image quality. They have pressure to prove they can incorporate effective dose-reduction techniques while maintaining image quality. High end imaging modalities require advanced image management and archival systems. The diagnostic outcome of molecular imaging is made available to clinicians. Healthcare IT and molecular imaging exploit the advantage of systems. Effective distribution of images to clinicians is needed. Integration with electronic medical records is critical."

This growth is driven in part by the growing popularity of independent diagnostic centers, which are increasing in number due to patient demand and the relatively low set-up cost compared to a full, multi-disciplinary hospital.

Other drivers of growth include the increasing demands from governments for high quality healthcare delivery that is supported with CT imaging. Significant advances in imaging technologies promise to improve wellness through earlier and more accurate detection of medical conditions.

Aging population and increase in the chronic disease, congestive heart failure and diabetes in the population are considered as the main drivers of the imaging market in the developed nations. Obesity and use of statins are primary drives of chronic diseases. Lack of exercise and lack of good nutrition are underlying causes of obesity. A rising fiscal deficit is expected to inhibit the growth of CT in the developed nations.

CT scans help physicians determine whether curative or palliative treatment is the best course of treatment. CT works for patients for esophageal cancer. The CT market is shaped by instruments capable of high scanning speed. High scanning speed reduces examination time and radiation exposure for patients. CT is useful for managing increasing rates of cardiovascular disease and cancer. In the face of a population explosion worldwide demand for healthcare has created a need for screening and early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and cancer conditions.

CT imaging radiation dose continues to be an area of concern. The industry continues to try to reduce exposure while ensuring image quality. Recent studies have centered on the correct dose for children and the obese. Worldwide, research is going to improve the current technology of CT. Two topics are the focus of clinical research: reduced radiation, and evaluation of the hemodynamic significance of coronary stenosis.

Growth comes as more emphasis is put on early diagnosis and prevention of disease. Heart failure patients can benefit from better imaging.

Computed tomography scanner markets are driven by the trend towards multi-slice scanners, the global market for computed tomography scanners is expected to post a modest growth rate. The global market for CT scanners was valued at $3.7 billion in 2012. Total market value is expected to reach $6 billion by 2019.

Companies Profiled

Market Leaders

General Electric / General Electric Healthcare / GE
Neurologica Corp.

Market Participants

Barco NV
Esaote Group
Neusoft Medical Systems
Samsung Medison / Medison America
Steris Corporation
TomTec Imaging Systems GmbH
Unfors RaySafe

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Computed Tomography (CT) Technology Development Workflow
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Computed Tomography (CT) Market Shares and Forecasts
Computed Tomography CT Market Driving Forces
Computed Tomography CT Diagnostic Support Capability
Computed Tomography CT Market Challenges
Computed Tomography CT Market Shares
Computed Tomography CT Scanner Market Forecasts
Computed Tomography CT Scanner Market Forecasts, Dollars

1. Computed Tomography (CT) Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1 CT Dynamics
1.2 CT Produces A Volume Of Data
1.2.1 CT Market Targets Iterative Reconstruction, Dose Reduction
1.3 PPACA Imaging Provisions: Contiguous Body Part Reduction and Change in Utilization Assumption
1.4 Leading Causes of Death in US
1.4.1 US Number of Deaths By Cause, 2009 and 2011
1.4.2 CT / PET Medical Imaging Industry US Installed Base
1.5 US Total Number Of Procedures Performed
1.6 The Rules Of CT Imaging Have Changed
1.6.1 CT Imaging Is Changing The Way Clinicians Diagnose Cardiac Disease
1.7 Spatial Resolution
1.8 GE Healthcare Veo Low Dose Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction Product
1.9 Computed Tomography Care Settings
1.9.1 Shimadzu Background of CT Development
1.10 World Economy Undergoing A Transformation
1.10.1 Global Economic Conditions:
1.10.2 Global Economy Becomes Steadily More Sluggish
1.10.3 Global Economic Conditions Impact Markets

2. Computed Tomography (CT) Market Shares and Forecasts
2.1 Computed Tomography CT Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 Computed Tomography CT Diagnostic Support Capability
2.1.2 Computed Tomography CT Market Challenges
2.2 Computed Tomography CT Market Shares
2.2.1 Global 20- To 40-Slice CT Equipment Market Shares
2.2.2 Global 64-Slice CT Equipment Market Shares
2.2.3 General Electric Computed Tomography
2.2.4 Computed Tomography (CT) Market Shares, 16 Slice and Under Market
2.2.5 GE Discovery* CT750 HD Computed Tomography and Other Models
2.2.6 Computed Tomography (CT) Market Shares, 64 Slice
2.2.7 Siemens CT
2.2.8 Siemens CT SOMATOM Emotion
2.2.9 Philips iCT Scalable Platform
2.2.10 CT Breakthroughs in Cardiac
2.2.11 Hitachi
2.2.12 Neusoft Medical
2.2.13 Analogic
2.3 Computed Tomography CT Scanner Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Computed Tomography CT Scanner Market Forecasts, Dollars
2.3.1 Computer Tomography CT Installed Base
2.3.2 Computed Tomography (CT) Market Forecasts, Units
2.3.3 Computed Tomography (CT) 20 to 40 Slice Units,
2.3.4 Computed Tomography (CT) 64 Slice Market Forecasts
2.3.5 Computed Tomography (CT) Greater Than 64 Slice Market Forecasts
2.3.6 16 Slice and Under CT Market Forecasts
2.3.7 Computed Tomography (CT) Technology Development Workflow
2.3.8 Computed Tomography CT Scanner Market Forecasts, Units
2.3.9 Pediatric CT
2.3.10 Computer Tomography CT Key Trends
2.3.11 Computer Tomography CT High ROI
2.3.12 Computer Tomography CT Applications
2.3.13 Hospitals Improve Productivity to Manage Volume of Outpatient and Emergency CT Procedures
2.4 Global Diagnostic Imaging Market
2.4.1 Radiation Delivery Modes
2.4.2 Global Diagnostic Imaging
2.4.3 MRI
2.5 CT Scanning ROI
2.5.1 Multi-Core CT ROI
2.5.2 Market For Contrast Agents
2.6 Computed Tomography CT Scanner Prices
2.6.1 Medicare Spending On Non-Invasive Diagnostic Imaging
2.6.2 US Obamacare Health Reform Legislation 2012
2.7 CMS CT Payment Revisions
2.7.1 CMS Medicare Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)
2.8 CT Applications
2.8.1 Testing Facility Location: Test Type, Average CT Scan Cost
2.8.2 Electron Beam CT Scan
2.9 Computed Tomography CT Scanner Regional Market Analysis
2.9.1 United States Market For Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning Systems
2.9.2 China
2.9.3 India
2.9.4 Emerging Markets
2.9.5 BRIC Nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China)
2.9.6 Europe
2.9.7 GE Healthcare Addressing Radiology Challenges in Europe
2.9.8 Philips Regional Healthcare Trends
2.9.9 Siemens Temporal Resolution Of Dual Source Flagship Products
2.9.10 Shimadzu Global Positioning

3. Computed Tomography (CT) Product Description
3.1 GE
3.1.1 GE Gemstone* CT Spectral imaging (GSI)
3.1.2 GE CT Spatial Resolution
3.1.3 GE Expands The Reach Of CT To Patients Throughout The World
3.1.4 GE Latest Dose-Lowering Advancement Veo
3.1.5 GE CT Captures High Definition Images
3.1.6 GE Gemstone Spectral Imaging
3.1.7 GE Thoracic VCAR
3.1.8 Spectral CT Myelography
3.1.9 Society of Gastrointestinal Radiology Abdominal Radiology
3.1.10 GE Brivo* CT325§ Reverse Innovation CT Scanner
3.1.11 GE Gemstone Spectral Imaging (GSI) Dual-Energy Scan Mode
3.1.12 GE Pulmonary Embolism GSI-Generated Iodine Maps
3.1.13 GE GSI Tissue Characterization
3.1.14 Gemstone Spectral Imaging
3.1.15 GE spectral CT for Oncology
3.1.16 GE GSI to Assess Renal Stones And Lymph Nodes
3.1.17 GE Low-Dose CT
3.1.18 GE ASiR Routine Imaging
3.2 Siemens Computed Tomography
3.2.1 Siemens Somatom CT Neuro Imaging
3.2.2 Siemens CT Clinical Offerings
3.2.3 Siemens CT Oncology Solutions
3.2.4 Siemens CT Spiral Dual Energy Scanning, SOMATOM® Definition
3.2.5 Siemens CT Angiography for Safe Discharge of Patients with Possible Acute Coronary Syndromes”
3.2.6 Siemens Computed Tomography - Multislice CT
3.3 Philips Computed Tomography
3.3.1 Philips CT Workflow Solutions
3.3.2 Philips Brilliance CT
3.3.3 Philips Multislice CT Scanning
3.3.4 Philips iDose4 Premium Package – Premium image quality
3.3.5 Philips CT Serves Value Segment
3.3.6 Philips CT Innovation
3.3.7 Philips Computed Tomography Oncology Imaging
3.3.8 Philips Vascular CT Imaging
3.3.9 Philips Cardiology Imaging
3.3.10 Philips CT Break Throughs in Cardiac Imaging
3.3.11 Philips CT Cancer Detection
3.3.12 Philips CT Neurologic Diagnosis
3.4 Toshiba Aquilion CT Computed Tomography
3.4.1 Toshiba CT AIDR 3D Product Line
3.4.2 Toshiba AIDR 3D - Reduces Dose and Improves Image Quality
3.4.3 Toshiba Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction CT Integrated Into SUREExposure3D — AIDR 3D
3.4.4 Toshiba Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction integrated into Exposure3D — AIDR 3D
3.4.5 Toshiba Boost 3D®
3.4.6 Toshiba Quantum Denoising Software (QDS)
3.4.7 Toshiba Aquilion RXL 16-detector row CT system
3.4.8 Toshiba Aquilion 16
3.4.9 Toshiba Aquilion 16 Dose Reduction Technologies
3.4.10 Toshiba Aquilion LB Largest True Field-Of-View
3.4.11 Toshiba QuantumPlus
3.5 Hitachi CT
3.5.1 Hitachi CT ECLOS16™
3.5.2 Hitachi Eclos CT Image Gallery
3.5.3 Hitachi CT Innovation
3.6 Pie Medical Imaging CT Modules
3.6.1 Pie Medical Imaging 3mensio Mitral Valve
3.6.2 Pie Medical Imaging 3mensio Vascular
3.7 Analogic Computed Tomography Equipment Technology for OEMs
3.7.1 Analogic Data Management Systems – Advanced Detectors + DASs (Data Acquisition Systems)
3.8 Shimadzu
3.8.1 Shimadzu inspeXio SMX-100CT Microfocus X-Ray CT System View High-Magnification 3D Images of Plastics,Bones, Fuel Cells, and Other Soft Materials
3.8.2 Shimadzu Features of CT Product
3.8.3 Shimadzu CT Scan Area 3D Display Function
3.8.4 Shimadzu Multiple Safety Functions
3.8.5 Shimadzu Examples of Image Data
3.9 Neusoft Medical
3.10 OptiMedica

4. Computed Tomography (CT) Technology
4.1 Medical Imaging Markets: Contrast Agents
4.2 CT in Pediatrics
4.2.1 Immediate Measures to Minimize CT Radiation Exposure in Children
4.2.2 CT in Pediatrics: Primary Diagnostic Tool In Oncology
4.2.3 CT as Diagnostic Tool
4.3 CT for Oncology
4.3.1 GE spectral CT for Oncology
4.3.2 CT for Lymphoma
4.4 Pulmonary Embolism
4.4.1 GE Pulmonary Embolism GSI-Generated Iodine Maps
4.5 CPT Codes for 3D Rendering Services
4.5.1 CPT Computerized Tomography (CT) Scanning Procedures
4.5.2 CT Reimbursement
4.6 Costs For PET And PET/CT
4.7 Reimbursement Decisions Require Assessment Of Economic Benefit
4.7.1 CT Economic Evaluation
4.7.2 Measurement of Treatment Costs
4.7.3 Measurement of Effectiveness
4.8 Issues in International Health Policy
4.9 IBM Watson

5. Computed Tomography (CT) Company Description
5.1 Acceleware
5.1.1 Acceleware HPC Software
5.1.2 Acceleware HPC Consulting Services
5.1.3 Acceleware GPU Programming Training
5.1.4 Acceleware Target Markets
5.1.5 Acceleware Electromagnetic Solvers
5.1.6 Acceleware AxRecon™
5.2 Analogic
5.2.1 Analogic Production and Test Facilities
5.3 Barco NV
5.3.1 Barco NVHealthcare
5.4 Esaote Group
5.4.1 Esaote in the World
5.4.2 Esaote / Pie Medical Imaging
5.4.3 Esaote acquired 3mensio Medical Imaging
5.5 GE Healthcare
5.5.1 GE Revenue
5.5.2 General Electric GE Plans To Make Medical Technology Acquisitions In Germany
5.5.3 GE Broad Expertise In Medical
5.5.4 GE Healthcare Product P&Ls
5.5.5 GE Healthcare Systems
5.5.6 GE Life Sciences Business
5.5.7 GE’s Key Care Areas: Cardiology
5.5.8 GE’s Key Care Areas: Neurology
5.5.9 GE’s Key Care Areas: Emergency Medicine
5.5.10 GE’s Key Care Areas: Oncology
5.5.11 GE’s Key Care Areas: Women’s Health
5.5.12 GE Healthcare Leads the Diagnostic Imaging Market
5.5.13 GE Healthcare Intends To Acquire CAT (Computer Axial Tomography) Scan and MRI Technology Company.
5.6 Hitachi
5.6.1 Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc.
5.6.2 Hitachi Health Canada approval for the Scenaria 64-slice CT System
5.6.3 Hitachi Oasis MR Product Line
5.6.4 Hitachi Ultrasound
5.7 Neurologica Corp.
5.7.1 STERIS Corporation and NeuroLogica Corp. Collaboration
5.7.2 BodyTom® For Neurosurgical Solutions
5.7.3 STERIS Delivers Custom-Designed High-Definition Integrated Surgical Suites
5.8 Neusoft Medical Systems
5.9 OptiMedica
5.9.1 OptiMedica Financing
5.9.2 OptiMedica Femtosecond Laser Technology
5.9.3 OptiMedica Catalys Next Generation Laser CataractSurgery Platform
5.10 Philips
5.10.1 Philips CT Strategy
5.10.2 Philips Key Strategies
5.10.3 Philips Innovative Solutions At The Core of CT Strategy
5.10.4 Philips Computed Tomography (CT) CT Sales Campaigns
5.10.5 Philips’ Outcome-Focused Sales And Marketing Strategy
5.10.6 Philips Diversified Health And Well-Being Company
5.10.7 Philips Revenue
5.10.8 Philips Addresses Healthcare Challenges
5.10.9 Phiips Visicu
5.10.10 Philips Addresses Healthcare Landscape
5.10.11 Philips/Respironics Monitoring Solution Powered By Cinterion TC65i:
5.10.12 Philips Sales Growth by Geographic Cluster
5.10.13 Philips Sales by Operating Sector 2011
5.10.14 Royal Philips Electronics / Respironics
5.10.15 Philips Respironics
5.10.16 Philips Respironics
5.11 Samsung Medison / Medison America
5.12 Shimadzu
5.12.1 Shimadzu inspeXio SMX-100CT Microfocus X-Ray CT System View High-Magnification 3D Images of Plastics,Bones, Fuel Cells, and Other Soft Materials
5.12.2 Shimadzu iCT Product Features
5.12.3 Shimadzu CT Scan Area 3D Display Function
5.12.4 Shimadzu Multiple Safety Functions
5.13 Siemens
5.13.1 Siemens Computed Tomography - Multislice CT
5.13.2 Siemens Financial Transparency
5.13.3 Siemens Urban Development Center – The Crystal – In London - Exhibition Dedicated To Cities
5.13.4 Siemens No. 1 in Sustainability – Carbon Disclosure
5.13.5 Siemens Q3 2012: Revenue Growth in Challenging Markets
5.13.6 Siemens Financial Highlights:
5.13.7 Siemens Supplies 300 Offshore Wind Turbines to DONG Energy –
5.14 STERIS Corporation
5.15 TomTec Imaging Systems GmbH
5.15.1 GE Healthcare and TomTec Imaging Systems GmbH Strategic Cooperation Contract
5.15.2 TomTec Imaging Systems GmbH the FDA 510(k) Clearance For Image-Com 5 Software Solution
5.15.3 TomTec 2D Cardiac Performance Analysis MR©* Software Solution For Cardiac MR to Analyze Myocardial Function And Deformation
5.16 Toshiba
5.16.1 Toshiba Medical Systems
5.16.2 Toshiba America Medical Systems
5.17 Unfors RaySafe
5.18 Market Participants - CT Sytstems

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