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Wintergreen Research

Ceramics: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018


Report Published By: Winter Green Research
Publication Date : Oct-2012
No. of Pages: 541

WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Ceramics: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018. The 2012 study has 541 pages, 174 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to grow steadily as developing countries have parts of the population that achieve middle class and create demand for ceramic products. This is combined with steady demand in developed countries for ceramic materials used in industry and to keep the home livable and nice.

According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the WinterGreen Research team that prepared the ceramics market research study, "Ceramic markets are tied to the construction industry. The middle class has a primary focus on fixing up a pleasant home. Tile and ceramic materials are key to achieving a comfortable lifestyle, in a nice home. Ceramics also are part of the steel industry as the Refactory materials are key to lining the containers that are used to make steel for manufacturing automobiles."

Basic steelmaking takes place in containers lined with basic refractories. These may be bricks or other ceramic material. Ceramics sub-sectors are being impacted by the need for the availability of raw materials. The cost structures of energy-intensive ceramics producers are becoming disadvantaged by increasing fuel prices. The ceramics manufacturing process in need of efficient energy is changing markets, hindering the competitiveness of ceramics producers without access to cheap fuels.

The price of energy has risen substantially mirroring to a large extent the rise in the price of crude oil. A consequence of this is that energy costs are likely to account for a far larger share of operating costs.

There are many different types of ceramic tiles including refractory tiles, technical tiles, ornamental tiles, roofing tiles, and tiles made into stands.

The vendors in the ceramics industry have to invest in high-quality production processes, logistics systems that guarantee fast delivery and the development of innovative products in order to keep market share.

The ceramics sector is faced with a number of competitiveness challenges, many of which have been fuelled by globalization. Increased environmental regulation continues to be an issue. The increase in the number of comparative low-cost ceramics products being imported from emerging economies is a sign that in some sectors, particularly in the ceramic tableware sub-sector, the local competitive advantage on the basis of cost is diminishing.

Major global players are emerging in many ceramics subsectors, especially in wall and floor tile manufacturing.

A key competitiveness factor for the ceramics sector is increased environmental regulation and control. The relatively high energy-intensity of ceramics production, brought about by the need to heat kilns up to 2000°C, makes the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions challenging.

The technologies and techniques used in ceramics production to minimize energy use by kilns are already advanced. Major short-term future increases in efficiency are unlikely.

Consideration of Ceramic Market Forecasts indicates that markets at $279 billion will reach $408 billion by 2018. Growth comes as more emphasis is put on creating middleclass jobs in China and elsewhere. People in the middle class build homes and fix up existing ones, using ceramics to do this.

Check Out These Key Topics

Ceramics OEM
Advanced Structural Ceramics
Advanced Ceramics
Advanced Structural Ceramics
Technical Structural Ceramics
Heat-resistant materials
Global ceramic demand
Ceramic Glazes
Plate Glass
Flat Glass
Glass Frit
Bottle Glass
Refractory Technology
Ceramics markets
Ceramic Roofing tile
Wall Tile
Floor Tile

Companies Profiled

Market Leaders

American Standard
China Glass Holdings
Asahi Glass
Concorde Group

Market Participants

ABK Group
Crane Holding
Eljer Holding Corporation
American Standard Legacy Of Quality And Innovation
Asahi Glass Fuel Cell
AGC Glass
AGC Solar
CARBO Ceramics
Casalgrande Padana
Ceramiche Caesar
Ceramiche Sant'agostino
China Glass Holdings Limited
China Southern Glass (Australia)Pty Ltd
CSG Holding Co., Ltd.
China Glass Holdings Production Base in Suqian
Concorde Group
Atlas Concorde and Caesar
Ceramica imola group
Directed Vapor Technology
Dong Xu Ltd
Emilceramica Group
Faetano-Del Conca Group
Fatih Ozceleb Group
Fiandre Group
Fincibec Group
Finfloor Group
FLABEG Holding GmbH / FLABEG Technical Glass / Naugatuck Glass
Fu Yao
Fuyao Glass Industry Group
Fu Yao Solar Glass
Gardenia-Orchidea Group
Gold Art Ceramica Group
Glass for Europe
Guangdong Golden Glass Technologies Ltd
Guangfeng Solarglass (Hong Kong)
HUPC Chemical
Industrie Ceramiche Piemme
Kronos Worldwide
Marazzi Group
Minsen Sanitaryware
Nippon Sheet Glass Co Ltd
Pilkington North America
Nippon Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass
NSG Group
PPG Acquisition Transformation
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Ceramic Market Description and Market Dynamics

1. Ceramics Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1 Effects Of Globalization
1.1.1 Annual Industrial Electricity Prices
1.1.2 Ceramic Environmental Regulation And Control
1.2 Residential Ceramics Market
1.2.1 Residential Construction Market: EU
1.2.2 Non-Residential Construction Market EU
1.3 Sanitaryware
1.3.1 Sanitaryware Sales of Luxurious Equipment
1.3.2 Sanitaryware Easy care
1.3.3 Sanitaryware Easy to Install
1.4 Economics Of The Flat Glass Sector
1.5 Ceramic tiles
1.5.1 Format
1.5.2 Color
1.5.3 Decoration
1.6 Glass Markets
1.6.1 Annealed Glass
1.6.2 Toughened Glass
1.6.3 Laminated Glass
1.6.4 Coated
1.6.5 Mirrored Glass
1.6.6 Patterned Glass
1.6.7 Extra-Clear glass
1.6.8 Flat Glass Products for the Construction Sector
1.7 Glass Uses & Applications
1.7.1 Glass in Residential Houses
1.7.2 Glass in Commercial Buildings
1.7.3 Interior Design
1.7.4 Characteristics and Functions of Glass in buildings:
1.8 Glass Solar Control
1.9 Glass Safety and Security
1.9.1 Fire Resistance
1.9.2 Noise Control
1.9.3 Decorative: Interior Design
1.9.4 Self-Cleaning Glass
1.9.5 Flat Glass for Automotive and Transports
1.9.6 Buses and Coaches
1.9.7 Agricultural and Forestry Machinery
1.9.8 Ships and Boats
1.9.9 Aircraft
1.9.10 Trains
1.10 Military Ceramic Armor Markets
1.11 Ceramic Household And Ornamental Articles
1.12 Types of Ceramics
1.12.1 Wall and Floor Tiles
1.12.2 Sanitaryware
1.12.3 Refractory Products
1.12.4 Vitrified Clay Pipes
1.12.5 Technical Ceramics
1.13 Ceramics Impacted By Availability Of Energy, Trade Barriers and
1.14 Clay Bricks
1.15 Cement Critical To Construction: United States Department of Transportation -Federal Highway Administration
1.15.1 Cement

2. Ceramics Market Shares and Market Forecasts
2.1 Ceramics Sector Market Driving Forces
2.2 Total Ceramics Sector Market Analysis
2.3 Ceramic Market Regional Analysis
2.3.1 Ceramic Market Forecast Analysis: Pottery - Tableware
2.3.2 Pottery – Tableware Market Shares
2.3.3 World Glassware Market
2.3.4 Pottery – Tableware Market Forecasts
2.3.5 Pottery – Tableware Market Regional Analysis
2.3.6 Large Ceramic Producer: Capacity
2.3.7 Large Ceramic Producer: Revenue
2.3.8 Corning Singapore Holdings Private Ltd.,a wholly owned subsidiary of Corning Inc., and Samsung Display Co., Ltd.
2.3.9 Strong Competition Came From Home-Based Suppliers
2.3.10 Waterford, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton (WWRD) Group / Johnson Brothers
2.4 Sanitary Pottery
2.4.1 Ceramic Sanitary Pottery Market Segmentation
2.4.2 Sanitary Ware And Ceramic Tiles Private Market
2.4.3 Sanitary Ware And Ceramic Tiles Professional Market
2.4.4 Sanitary ware Segmentation Of The Sanitary Ware Market
2.4.5 Basins
2.4.6 WCs
2.4.7 Cisterns
2.4.8 Pedestals
2.4.9 Bidets
2.4.10 Sanitary Pottery Market Shares
2.4.11 Sanitary Pottery Market Forecasts
2.4.12 Sanitary Pottery Regional Analysis
2.4.13 Roca
2.4.14 Sanitaryware Discussion
2.4.15 American Standard
2.5 Ceramic Roof Tile Building Materials
2.5.2 Ceramic Roof Tile Regional Analysis
2.5.3 Roof Tiles
2.5.4 Industrial Nanotech
2.5.5 Nansulate(R)
2.6 Ceramic Bricks
2.6.1 Ceramic Bricks Market Shares
2.6.2 Ceramic Bricks Regional Market Forecast
2.6.3 Ceramic Bricks Regional Market Analysis
2.7 Ceramic Floor Tiles
2.7.1 Ceramic Floor Tile Market Forecasts
2.7.2 Ceramic Floor Tile Regional Analysis
2.7.3 US sales of Ceramic Floor Tile Market Regional Segments
2.7.4 Main Export Markets for Turkish Ceramic Tiles
2.7.5 Ceramic Tile And Stone Consultants (CTaSC)
2.7.6 Ceramic Tile Imports
2.7.7 Agha Group of Companies / National tiles and Ceramics Limited
2.7.8 Imola
2.7.9 The Concorde Group / Atlas Concorde
2.7.10 The Concorde Group / Caesar
2.7.11 Ceramiche Caesar
2.7.12 Roca
2.7.13 Pamesa
2.7.14 Grespania
2.8 Ceramic Electric Insulator
2.8.1 Ceramic Electric Insulator Regional Market Analysis
2.8.2 Ceramic Insulator Shipment Market Forecasts
2.8.3 Ceramic Electric Insulator Market Shares
2.8.4 Elantas Beck
2.8.5 Bhopal Electrical Insulation Pvt. Ltd.
2.8.6 NGK Insulators Ltd.
2.8.7 Lapp Insulators
2.9 Glass
2.9.1 Plate Glass, Flat Glass Market Shares
2.9.2 Glass and Flat Glass Market Forecasts
2.9.3 Flat Glass Market Forecasts
2.9.4 Flat Glass Regional Market Segments
2.9.5 NSG Group
2.9.6 AGC Glass
2.9.7 ?i?ecam Group
2.9.8 Bottle Container Glass
2.9.9 Bottle Glass Market Shares
2.9.10 Bottle Glass Market Forecasts
2.9.11 Saint-Gobain
2.9.12 Packaging Manufacturing Process And Finished Products
2.9.13 Verallia
2.9.14 Verallia Glass Bottle Packaging
2.9.15 Bottle Glass Market Shares
2.9.16 Bottle Glass Market Segments, Regional, Shipments
2.9.17 Owens-Illinois Bottle Glass
2.9.18 Frit Glass
2.9.19 Frit Glass Market Shares
2.9.20 Frit Glass Market Forecasts
2.9.21 Schott
2.9.22 Suzhou Juxing Glass Industrial Co.
2.9.23 Frit Glass Market Segments, Regional Shipments
2.10 Cement
2.10.1 World Cement And Concrete Market Shares
2.10.2 World Cement And Concrete Market Forecasts
2.10.3 World Cement And Concrete Market Regional Analysis
2.10.4 Cement Consumption
2.10.5 US Imports Fill Production Gap
2.10.6 Cement Industry Efficiency Gains
2.10.7 Cement As A Core Industry
2.10.8 Cement Market Size in India
2.10.9 Cemex
2.10.10 Cement Corporation of India
2.10.11 Cement Market Demand
2.11 Refactory Fire Clay Bricks
2.11.1 Refactory Market Shares
2.11.2 Ceramic Refactory Market Shares
2.11.3 Refactory Market Forecasts
2.11.4 Ceramic Refactory Market Forecasts
2.11.5 Refactory Regional Market Analysis
2.11.6 Ceramic Refactory Market Regional Segment Shipments in Units
2.11.7 Ceramic Refactory Regional Market Analysis
2.11.8 ANH Refractories Company
2.11.9 Harbison-Walker Refractories Co
2.11.10 Magneco/Metrel, Inc.
2.11.11 Refractory Products
2.11.12 Refactory Companies
2.11.13 Ceramic Refactory Market
2.12 Abrasives
2.12.1 Abrasives Companies
2.13 Decorative Ceramics
2.14 High Performance Ceramic Coatings
2.14.1 High Performance Ceramic Coating Companies
2.14.2 Ceramic Coatings Market Forecasts
2.14.3 Ceramic Coatings Market Regional Segments
2.15 Glazed Tiles
2.16 Inorganic Color Pigments
2.16.1 DuPont Coatings & Color Technologies
2.16.2 Huntsman
2.16.3 Kronos Worldwide
2.16.4 Ferro
2.16.5 America and the World
2.16.6 Inorganic Pigments
2.16.7 Titanium Dioxide
2.16.8 Ceramic Inorganic Color Pigments Market Shares
2.16.9 Ceramic Coatings Shipment Market Forecasts
2.16.10 Ceramic Inorganic Color Pigments
2.16.11 Ceramic Inorganic Color Pigments Market Regional Segments
2.16.12 Tronox
2.16.13 Exxaro group / Namakwa Sands
2.17 Ceramic Enamel Frits
2.17.1 Ceramic Enamel Frit Market Shares
2.17.2 Frit Glass Market Shares, Shipments i
2.17.3 Frit Glass Market Segments, Regional, Shipments
2.18 Regional Ceramic Market Analysis
2.18.1 EU ceramics sector
2.18.2 Italian Ceramic Industry Driven By Exports
2.18.3 Italian Sanitaryware Industry
2.18.4 Italian Tile Market Share
2.18.5 Flat Glass in Europe
2.18.6 Flat glass An Integral Component Of Many Solar Energy Technologies
2.18.7 India Ceramic Tiles
2.18.8 China: Ceramic Tile Industry
2.18.9 Refractory Demand in China
2.18.10 Refractory Demand in Russia
2.18.11 Five Market Segments In China

3. Ceramics Product Description
3.1 Pottery Ceramic Tile
3.1.1 Casa Enzo Ferrari museum in Modena, Italy.
3.1.2 Indoor Outdoor tile
3.2 Ceramic Sanitary Ware Market
3.2.1 Toilets That Are Virtually Clog Free, Save Water And Keep Themselves Cleaner Longer
3.2.2 American Standard Advantage
3.3 Glass
3.3.1 Gorilla Glass
3.3.2 Corning Gorilla Glass
3.3.3 Bottle Glass
3.4 Refractory Products
3.4.1 Refactory
3.4.2 Refractory Suppliers Are Increasingly Quoting Steel Makers A Total System Price Per Ton
3.5 Ceradyne Ceramic Armor
3.6 Ceramic Glazes
3.7 Organic Pigments
3.7.1 Inorganic Pigments
3.7.2 Inorganic Colors Come In A Variety Of Forms
3.7.3 Inorganic Colors Background and Development
3.8 Portland Cement
3.8.1 Portland Cement (ASTM Types)
3.8.2 Types of Portland Cement
3.8.3 Cement Composition
3.8.4 Storage of Cement
3.8.5 Cement Certification
3.8.6 Blended Portland Cements
3.8.7 Modified Portland Cement (Expansive Cement)
3.8.8 Concrete Placed In An Environment Where It Begins To Dry And Lose Moisture

4. Ceramic Technology
4.1 Ceramic Tile Technology and Features
4.2 Ceramic Associations
4.3 Ceradyne Ceramic Armor Performance
4.3.1 Improving Ceramic Armor Performance
4.3.2 Ceramic Armor Is Damaged On Impact
4.4 Ceramics Sector Is Impacted By Regulations
4.5 Clay’s Natural Advantages
4.6 Ceramic Environmental Regulations
4.6.1 Cement Manufacture Causes Environmental Impacts
4.7 Hydraulic Fracturing Environmental Regulations
4.8 Cement Manufacture Causes Environmental Impacts
4.9 Pigment
4.9.1 Titanium Dioxide
4.9.2 Iron Oxides.
4.9.3 Lead Chromates
4.9.4 Environmental Impacts
4.9.5 Bauxite and Alumina
4.9.6 Boron Minerals
4.9.7 Clays
4.9.8 Feldspar
4.9.9 Kyanite and Related Materials
4.9.10 Rare Earths
4.9.11 Silica
4.9.12 Zirconium
4.9.13 Glass in Photovoltaic Applications
4.9.14 Glass And Mirrors in Concentrated Solar Power Systems

5 Ceramics Company Profiles
5.1 ABK Group
5.2 American Standard
5.2.1 Crane Holding Corporation
5.2.2 Eljer Holding Corporation
5.2.3 American Standard Legacy Of Quality And Innovation
5.3 Anchor Glass Container Corporation / Wayzata Investment Partners
5.4 Asahi Glass Co Ltd
5.4.1 Asahi Glass Fuel Cell
5.4.2 Asahi Glass Fuel Cells Close To Practical Use
5.4.3 Asahi Glass Fuel Cells In Daily Life In 2010
5.4.4 Asahi Glass Chemicals Business as Core Business to the AGC Group
5.4.5 Asahi Glass ETFE Film With High Transparency And Flexibility
5.4.6 AGC Glass Europe
5.4.7 AGC Revenue 6 Months 2012
5.4.8 AGC Asahi Glass Revenue
5.4.9 Asahi Glass Revenue
5.4.10 Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. / AGC Solar
5.4.11 AGC Solar Business Overview
5.4.12 AGC Solar Float Glass and Insulating Glass
5.4.13 Residential Homes (Low-E Insulating Glass Units)
5.4.14 AGC Group
5.4.15 Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. Revenue
5.4.16 Asahi Glass Co Glass Operations
5.4.17 AGC Group Segments
5.4.18 AGC Solar Reportable Segment Glass
5.4.19 Asahi Glass Co Glass Markets
5.4.20 Asahi Glass Co Electronics
5.4.21 Asahi Glass Co Chemicals
5.4.22 Asahi Glass Co Glass
5.4.23 Asahi Glass Co Electronics
5.4.24 Asahi Glass Co Chemicals
5.5 Battelle
5.6 CARBO Ceramics
5.6.1 CARBO Ceramics Revenue
5.6.2 CARBO Ceramics International Revenue
5.6.3 CARBO Ceramics Largest Customers
5.6.4 CARBO Ceramics Manufacturing Capacity
5.7 Casalgrande Padana
5.8 Cemex
5.9 Ceramiche Caesar
5.10 Ceramiche Sant’agostino
5.11 Ceradyne
5.11.1 Ceradyne Products and Markets
5.11.2 Ceradyne Operating Divisions
5.11.3 Ceradyne
5.11.4 Ceradyne, Inc. Reports Second Quarter, Six-Month 2012 Financial Results
5.11.5 Ceradyne Positioning
5.11.6 Ceradyne Revenue
5.11.7 Ceradyne Company Objectives For Advanced Ceramic Solutions
5.12 China Glass Holdings Limited
5.12.1 China Southern Glass (Australia)Pty Ltd is a Subsidiary of CSG Holding Co., Ltd.
5.12.2 China Glass Holdings Production Base in Suqian, Jiangsua
5.12.3 China Glass Holdings Production Base in Weihai, Shandong
5.12.4 China Glass Holdings Production Base in Xianyang, Shaanxi
5.12.5 China Glass Holdings Production Base in Beijing
5.12.6 China Glass Holdings Production Base of Wuhai, Inner Mongolia
5.12.7 China Glass Holdings Production base in Nanjing, Jiangsu
5.12.8 China Glass Holdings Production base in Taicang, Jiangsu
5.12.9 China Glass Holdings Business and Revenue
5.12.10 China Glass Holdings Business Review
5.12.11 China Glass Holdings Outlook Tied To China’s Twelfth Five Year Plan
5.12.12 China Glass Holdings Lowers Cost to Manufacture Low Iron Glass
5.12.13 China Glass Network
5.13 Coem
5.14 Concorde Group
5.14.1 Atlas Concorde and Caesar
5.14.2 The Concorde Group / Atlas Concorde
5.14.3 The Concorde Group / Caesar
5.15 Coop. Ceramica imola group
5.16 Corning
5.16.1 Corning Opens Advanced Technology Center in Taiwan
5.16.2 Corning Display Technologies Segment
5.16.3 Corning Revenue Second-Quarter 2012 Results
5.16.4 Corning Second-Quarter 2012 Segment Results
5.16.5 Corning Display Technologies Segment
5.16.6 Corning Telecommunications Segment
5.16.7 Corning Environmental Technologies Segment
5.16.8 Corning Specialty Materials Segment
5.16.9 Corning Life Sciences Segment
5.17 Directed Vapor Technology
5.17.1 Directed Vapor Deposition Next Generation Coating Technology
5.18 Dong Xu Ltd
5.19 Emilceramica Group
5.20 Emser
5.21 Faetano-Del Conca Group
5.22 Fatih Ozceleb Group
5.23 Ferro
5.23.1 Ferro 2012 Second-Quarter Results
5.24 Fiandre Group - Iris
5.25 Fincibec Group
5.26 Finfloor Group
5.27 FLABEG Holding GmbH / FLABEG Technical Glass / Naugatuck Glass
5.28 Fu Yao
5.28.1 Fuyao Glass Industry Group Parent Company
5.28.2 Fu Yao Manufacturing Facilities
5.28.3 Fu Yao Solar Glass
5.29 Gardenia-Orchidea Group
5.30 Gold Art Ceramica Group
5.31 Glass for Europe
5.32 Grespania
5.33 Guangdong Golden Glass Technologies Ltd
5.34 Guangfeng Solarglass (Hong Kong)
5.34.1 Guangfeng Solar Glass (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
5.35 Guardian
5.35.1 Guardian Industries
5.35.2 Guardian Industries Manufactures Glass Using The Float Process
5.35.3 Guardian Heat-Treated Glass
5.35.4 Guardian Tempered Glass
5.35.5 Guardian Industries US Base, Global Growth
5.36 Huntsman
5.37 HUPC Chemical
5.38 IKEA
5.39 Imerys
5.40 Imola
5.41 Industrie Ceramiche Piemme
5.42 Kronos Worldwide
5.43 Libbey
5.44 Marazzi Group
5.45 Minsen Sanitaryware
5.46 Nippon Sheet Glass Co Ltd c
5.46.1 Pilkington North America
5.46.2 Pilkington in North America
5.46.3 Nippon Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass
5.47 NSG Group
5.48 Owens-Illinois
5.49 Pamesa
5.50 PPG
5.50.1 PPG Acquisition Transformation
5.50.2 PPG Geographical Profile Transformation
5.50.3 PPG Industries Business Segments
5.51 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
5.52 Panariagroup
5.53 Photonics / Hoya Candeo Optronics
5.54 Roca
5.55 Ricchetti Group
5.55.1 Ricchetti Group / Cerdisa
5.56 Saint-Gobain
5.56.1 Saint Gobain Solar
5.56.2 Saint-Gobain Revenue
5.56.3 Saint-Gobain Packaging
5.56.4 Saint-Gobain Sales
5.56.5 Saint-Gobain Operating income
5.56.6 Saint-Gobain Sectors of activity
5.56.7 Saint-Gobain Addresses Spanish Market
5.56.8 Saint-Gobain SGG ALBARINO Glass
5.56.9 Saint-Gobain Revenue
5.56.10 Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials
5.56.11 Saint-Gobain Revenue
5.56.12 Saint-Gobain Sales trends by Business Sector
5.57 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
5.58 Schott
5.58.1 Schott Electronic Packaging Gmbh
5.58.2 Schott Ag Flat Glass
5.58.3 Schott
5.58.4 SCHOTT Solar Global presence
5.58.5 SCHOTT Solar Photovoltaics (PV) Business Division
5.58.6 SCHOTT Solar 2008 – Hospital Ward In Senegal
5.58.7 SCHOTT Light for Tanzania
5.58.8 SCHOTT Solar PV and Consolidated Solar Technologies Inaugurate Photovoltaic Solar Installation at Moriarty High School
5.58.9 SCHOTT Solar Black Frame Modules
5.58.10 SCHOTT Solar comes out on top in PV+ Test Conducted by Solarpraxis and TÜV Rheinland
5.59 Serenissima cir ind. Ceramiche group
5.60 Shandong Glass Group Jinjing Group Co Ltd
5.60.1 Shandong Glass Group Jinjing Group Advanced Equipment
5.60.2 Shandong Glass Group Jinjing Group Quality Management
5.60.3 Shandong glass group Jinjing Grouppowerful Scientific Research Team
5.60.4 Shandong Glass Group Jinjing Group Markets
5.60.5 Shandong Glass Group Jinjing Groupgoals
5.60.6 Shandong Glass Group Driving Development
5.61 ?i?ecam
5.61.1 ?i?ecam Group
5.62 Suzhou Juxing Glass Industrial
5.63 WWRD United Kingdom Ltd
5.64 Selected List of Ceramic Companies
5.64.1 Flat Glass Companies
5.64.2 Refractory Products
5.64.3 Key Enterprises Worldwide
5.64.4 Key Enterprises in China
5.64.5 Sanitaryware Companies
5.64.6 Tableware and Ornamental Ware
5.64.7 Bricks And Roof Tiles Companies
5.64.8 Key Enterprises Worldwide
5.64.9 Key Enterprises in China

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