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Wintergreen Research

Business Process Management (BPM) Cloud, Mobile, and Patterns Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020


Report Published By: Winter Green Research
Publication Date : Jun-2014
No. of Pages: 625

WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Business Process Management (BPM), Cloud, Mobile, and Patterns: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020. The 2014 study has 625 pages, 241 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth in the cloud computing realm. As people move to cloud computing and use their smart phones and tablets to access apps, exception management of business process becomes a significant aspect of doing business. Patterns are being used to control automated process better and interact with it in a more flexible manner, utilizing templates to control the repeatability of model creation.

Systems business process management software are providing automated process for achieving the ability to connect people across applications. Within the siloed lines of business BPM software capability extends the reach of everyone, it extends the access to information needed to do a job. As enterprises realize that automation of process is key to market growth BPM is creating new market opportunities.

IBM is the leader in business process management (BPM). IBM is the leader because it has invested in integration and analytics technology needed to achieve comprehensive IT systems implementation that achieves support for collaborative systems. The implementation of BPM depends on a broad set of process technology frameworks that interact seamlessly to achieve the end point integration needed to manage complexity of modern IT systems. IBM stands alone in the IT industry with that capability of managing complexity.

IBM SOA is used to implement cloud systems that stretch the boundaries of the enterprise to user end points, permitting marketing departments to target smartphones, implementing management decentralization and supporting user empowerment. SOA forms the base for business intelligence (BI) and analytics systems. It enables organizational ability to perform diagnostic analytics.

Business process management software provides the ability to connect people across applications within the BPM software capability. As enterprises realize that automation of process is key to market growth BPM is creating new market opportunities. Innovation depends on process automation. BPM software is critical to enabling solutions. Software is a strategic business asset used in every industry at every level. Software is necessary to provide automated process.

According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the WinterGreen Research team that prepared the study, “Cloud computing, mobile computing, and smart devices represent the major forces impacting business process management (BPM) markets. IBM and others are leveraging patterns to gain competitive advantage in enterprise BPM markets. Managers use large BPM systems and small and mid-size business use the BPM cloud.”

Ms Eustis continued, “BPM is evolving cloud SaaS for business applications to accomplish work. The opportunity to implement apps that make automated process more responsive to the needs of customers, partners, suppliers, and distributors, people use business process management (BPM) as the need for automation tools to help workers is upon all of us.”

Business process management software is achieving the ability to connect people across applications. Within the siloed lines of business BPM software capability extends the reach of everyone, it extends the access to information needed to do a job. As enterprises realize that automation of process is key to market growth BPM is creating new market opportunities.

Innovation depends on process automation. BPM software is critical to enabling solutions that leverage automated process effectively. Software is a strategic business asset used in every industry at every level. Software is necessary to provide automated process.
IBM BPM platforms gained market share again as the company extended its functionality to encompass more cloud and address more of the process interactions that occur on an everyday basis in an enterprise. IBM is positioning to let people connect across the lines of business from within the business process applications. This ability to connect immediately is improving productivity. If the shipping department needs to talk to the order department, that can be done form within the business process management application.

Messaging and collaboration are key aspects of Business Process Management (BPM) making processes more efficient. When people can work things out as a problem occurs, then the delays are eliminated and the business runs far more efficiently.

Consideration of Business Process Management (BPM) Market Forecasts indicates that markets at $3.4 billion will reach $10 billion by 2020. Growth comes as automation of process adapts more efficiently to collaboration between people and provides interactive process based on exception management.

Companies Profiled

Market Leaders
Open Text
Software AG
Kofax / Singularity
Market Participants
CA Technologies
Crosscheck Networks
Hewlett Packard
Informatica / Active Endpoints
iWay Software
Layer 7
Lexmark / Perceptive Software
Managed Methods
Nastel Technologies
Progress Software
Rally Software
Red Hat
Sage / HandisoftSOA Software
360logica Software Testing Company

Check Out These Key Topics
Business Process Management BPM
Smart Device Computing
BPM Apps
Business Process Management Market Shares
Business Process Management Market Forecasts
BPM CRM Business Process Change Building
BPM Cloud Technology
Web 2.0 Design Patterns
Wiki-Style Collaboration
Social Networking
Business Process Management Market Driving Forces
Greater Value From Existing Assets
BPM Web Services
BPM Multiple Process Categories
Business Process Management Technology
BPM Software Process Design
Service Level Challenges
BPM Products
BPM Analytics
WEB Services
Services Oriented Architecture
Cloud Computing
SOA Application Middleware
SOA Forecasts
SOA Market Shares
Web Services
SOA Governance
SOA Repository
SOA Directory
SOA Advances In Technology
Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Flexible Applications
SOA Management
SOA Security
SOA Management
Monitor SOA
Manage SOA
Application Service Levels
SOA Business Process
SOA Flexible Response To Changing Market Conditions
Innovation For The Very Large Enterprises
SOA Innovation
Software Localization

Business Process Management (BPM) Executive
Business Process Management Market Driving Forces
BPM Market Driving Forces
Cloud And Mobile Computing Redefine BPM
Innovation Drives Markets
Business Process Management Market Shares
Business Process Management (BPM) Market Forecasts

1. Business Process Management (BPM) Market Definition and Market Dynamics
1.1 Speed And Complexity Of Business Operations
1.2 Growth of Bottom Line While Managing Response to Regulation
1.2.1 Respond Quickly To Regulatory Changes
1.2.2 Mitigate Risk And Manage Compliance
1.2.3 Promote The Right Offer, At The Right Time, Though The Right Channel
1.3 Business Process Management Defines How An Enterprise Operates
1.3.1 BPM Process Modeling
1.3.2 BPM Targeted Solution Frameworks, Embedding Agile Project Management Features
1.3.3 Collaboration Key To BPM Program Success
1.3.4 BPM Acquisitions
1.4 Business Process Management Platforms
1.4.1 Comprehensive Risk Analysis
1.5 Business Process Management Functions
1.5.1 Execution of Business Processes
1.5.2 Integration Aspects of BPM
1.5.3 BPM Supports Overlapping Systems
1.5.4 SOA / B2Bi Systems
1.5.5 A Comprehensive BPM Platform
1.6 BPM Web Services
1.6.1 A Business Process Monitoring, Analysis and Control Platform
1.7 Social Media Internet Scale Enterprise Applications
1.7.1 Social Media Design Patterns
1.7.2 Social Media Spawns Big Data
1.7.3 Network Effects
1.7.4 Collaboration
1.7.5 Social Networking Heuristics
1.7.6 Wiki-Style Collaborative Editing
1.8 Core Competencies of Social Media
1.9 Social Media Next Generation Applications
1.10 Social Media Impact On Business Environment
1.10.1 Social Media Customer Service and Marketing Communications
1.11 Blogging
1.11.1 Architecture of Participation
1.11.2 Permalink Functionality
1.12 Organization Central To BPM Strategy
1.12.1 Organizational Changes

2. Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares and Market Forecasts
2.1 Business Process Management Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 BPM Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 Cloud And Mobile Computing Redefine BPM
2.1.2 Innovation Drives Markets
2.2 Business Process Management Market Shares
2.2.1 IBM BPM
2.2.2 IBM Blueworks Live
2.2.3 IBM BPM Supports Collaborative, Browser Based Environment
2.2.4 IBM Business Process Management (BPM)
2.2.5 PegaSystems
2.2.6 PegaSystems Recognized Industry Leader
2.2.7 Kofax / Singularity
2.2.8 Kofax / Singularity
2.2.9 Fujitsu Interstage Products & Solutions
2.2.10 Fujitsu Interstage Business Process Manager Automated Process Discovery (APD)
2.2.11 Bizagi BPM
2.2.12 K2 Map
2.2.13 Intalio
2.2.14 HandySoft
2.2.15 OpenText Business Process Management
2.2.16 OpenText
2.2.17 OpenText Metastorm Business Process Management (BPM)
2.2.18 Open Text / Global 360
2.2.19 Oracle
2.2.20 Microsoft Biz Talk Server
2.2.21 Adobe
2.2.22 Tibco Dynamic BPM
2.2.23 TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM
2.2.24 EMC
2.2.25 SAP BPM Used To Align Business Partners And Formalize Business Needs
2.2.26 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Integrated Business Rules Management
2.2.27 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Integrated Business Rules Management
2.2.28 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Rich Simulation
2.2.29 Appian BPM Software
2.2.30 PNMsoft
2.2.31 Newgen Software Automates Key Processes
2.2.32 Polymita
2.2.33 Fabasoft
2.3 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Industry Segments
2.3.2 BPM Systems Provide A Complete View Of End-To-End Business Processes
2.3.3 Automation of Business Process
2.3.4 Linked BPM and SOA
2.3.5 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Small, Mid-Size, and Large Systems
2.3.6 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Large Systems
2.3.7 Business Process Management (BPM) Mid-Size Systems Market
2.1.1 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Small Size Systems
2.1.2 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Cloud Systems
2.3.8 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Small, Mid-Size, and Large Systems, Cloud Systems Units, and Dollars
2.3.9 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Industry Segments, Dollars and Units, Worldwide, 2014-2020
2.3.10 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Forecasts, Units
2.3.11 Business Process Management (BPM) Cloud User Market Forecasts
2.3.12 BPM Financial Services
2.3.13 BPM Healthcare
2.3.14 BPM Insurance
2.3.15 BPM Government
2.3.16 BPM Other Industries
2.3.17 BPM Industry Aspects
2.3.18 Lincoln Trust Achieves 120% ROI In A Year Using IBM BWL
2.3.19 IBM BPM Software WebSphere Delivers ROI
2.3.20 Quantities of Information to be Managed
2.4 Business Process Management (BPM) Regional Market Segments

3. Business Process Management (BPM) Product Description
3.1 IBM Advanced Business Process Manager
3.1.1 Business Process Manager Tooling and Run Time Systems
3.1.2 IBM Business Process Manager Advanced for z/OS
3.1.3 IBM Express Business Process Manager
3.1.4 IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud
3.1.5 IBM Business Process Management (BPM)
3.1.6 IBM BlueWorks Live
3.1.7 IBM BMP Supports Institutionalized Innovation
3.1.8 IBM Blueworks Live Supports Business-Led Change
3.1.9 IBM Blueworks Live Supports Best Practice Improvement Effort
3.1.10 IBM Business Process Manager
3.1.11 IBM Business Process Manager Advanced
3.1.12 IBM Business Process Manager Express
3.1.13 IBM Business Process Manager Standard
3.1.14 IBM Business Process Manager Tools and Add-Ons
3.1.15 IBM Operational Decision Manager
3.1.16 IBM Business Monitor
3.1.17 IBM Case Manager
3.1.18 IBM WebSphere Business Events eXtreme Scale
3.2 Pega Systems BPM
3.2.1 Pega BPM: Directly Captures Business Objectives
3.2.2 Pega BPM: Automates Work, Scales and Differentiates Processes
3.2.3 Pega BPM: Engages Users Across Channels
3.2.4 Pega BPM: Delivers Enterprise-Ready Applications
3.2.5 Pega Automates Work
3.2.6 Dynamic Pega Provides BPM Management Actionable Insight
3.2.7 Pega BPM
3.2.8 Pega Social BPM
3.2.9 Pegasystems Pega Solutions Benchmarks
3.2.10 Pegasystems Pega BPM Suite BPM Platform
3.2.11 Pegasystems Build For Change Technology
3.2.12 Pegasystems BPM for Government Agencies
3.2.13 Pega for Government and Pega Customer Process Manager (Pega CPM) for Government ,
3.3 Tibco Business Process Management (BPM)
3.3.1 TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM
3.3.2 Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM Native to TIBCO Platform
3.3.3 Tibco ActiveMatrix Decisions
3.3.4 Tibco Nimbus Bridging the Gap Between the Business and IT
3.3.5 TIBCO Formvine
3.3.6 Tibco BPM: Streamlined. Optimized. Automated. Visible End-to-End
3.4 Software AG BPM
3.4.1 Software AG webMethods BPMS
3.4.2 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Unified Eclipse-Based Design Tool
3.4.3 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Enterprise-Class Process Management
3.4.4 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Business Process Modeling
3.4.5 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Integrated Business Rules Management
3.4.6 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Process Design & Automation
3.4.7 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Unified Eclipse-Based Design Tool
3.4.8 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Rich Simulation
3.4.9 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Enterprise-Class Process Management
3.4.10 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Business Process Modeling
3.4.11 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Integrated Business Rules Management
3.5 Oracle Business Process Management
3.5.1 Oracle Business Process Management Suite
3.5.2 Oracle Business Process Management Suite Competitive Advantage
3.5.3 Oracle BPM Process Management
3.5.4 Oracle Process Accelerators
3.6 SAP Business Process Management BPM & Integration Solutions
3.6.1 SAP BPM & Integration
3.6.2 SAP Process Synchronization of Business Configuration and Technical Implementation
3.6.3 SAP Process Execution
3.6.4 SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management
3.6.5 Business Modeling Leverages ARIS for SAP NetWeaver
3.6.6 SAP BPM Used To Align Business Partners And Formalize Business Needs
3.7 Progress Software BPM Solutions
3.7.1 Progress Software OpenEdge BPM
3.1.1 Progress Software OpenEdge BPM Transforms Applications
3.8 OpenText Business Process Management
3.8.1 OpenText Cordys
3.8.2 OpenText Cordys Business Process Management Suite
3.8.3 Cordys Faster Process Optimization with Business Process Management
3.8.4 Cordys Business Process Management Suite in the Cloud
3.8.5 Cordys BPMS: Better Business and IT Collaboration
3.8.6 Cordys Middle-Out design paradigm
3.8.7 OpenText Process Suite: Business Process Management (BPM)
3.8.8 OpenText Process Suite Platform
3.8.9 OpenText Process Suite Products and Applications
3.9 Appian BPM
3.9.1 Appian BPM Software
3.9.2 Appian BPM Software
3.9.3 Appian Cloud BPM
3.9.4 Appian Mobile BPM
3.9.5 Appian Social BPM
3.9.6 Appian Social Interface
3.10 EMC BPM
3.10.1 EMC Critical Path Of Progressive Business Change
3.11 Fujitsu Software Interstage Business Process Manager Agile BPM
3.11.1 Fujitsu Interstage Business Process Manager Automated Process Discovery (APD)
3.11.2 Fujitsu Interstage Business Process Manager Collaboration
3.11.3 Fujitsu Agile BPM Features
3.11.4 Fujitsu Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
3.11.5 Fujitsu SOA Services
3.11.6 Fujitsu High-ROI Interoperable SOA
3.11.7 Fujitsu SAP/Oracle SOA Solutions
3.11.8 Fujitsu Interstage Software
3.11.9 Fujitsu and XBRL Consortium
3.12 Kofax Business Process and Case Management
3.12.1 Kofax Dynamic Case Management
3.12.2 Kofax Total Agility
3.12.3 Kofax BPM Benefits
3.13 Adobe LiveCycle ES4
3.13.1 Adobe. LiveCycle Capture and Process Information
3.13.2 Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES4
3.13.3 Adobe LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES4
3.14 Intalio Open Source BPMS
3.14.1 Intalio Open Source BPMS
3.15 Red Hat Business Process Management
3.15.1 Red Hat JBoss BRMS
3.15.2 Red Hat. JBoss Business Functions
3.15.3 Red Hat. JBoss for Application developers
3.15.4 Red Hat BRMS Services: Achieve Business-Decision Automation
3.16 K2 Business Process Management
3.16.1 K2 BPM Visual Design Tools
3.16.2 K2 BPM Content Management
3.17 Newgen BPM Suite
3.17.1 Newgen Business Activity Monitor
3.17.2 Newgen Business Process Modeler
3.17.3 Newgen Business Rules Management System
3.17.4 Newgen s OmniRules
3.17.5 Newgen Master Data Management
3.17.6 Newgen OmniFlow
3.17.7 Newgen OmniFlow Process Modeler
3.17.8 Newgen OmniFlow Server
3.17.9 Newgen OmniFlow Process Manager
3.17.10 Newgen OmniFlow Monitoring Dashboard
3.17.11 Newgen OmniFlow OmniForms
3.17.12 Newgen Process Simulator and Tester
3.18 AgilePoint BPM Suite
3.18.1 AgilePoint Envision
3.18.2 AgilePoint Server
3.18.3 AgilePoint Enterprise Manager
3.19 BizFlow BPM Suite
3.19.1 BizFlow Rapid Application Design and Development of Process-Driven Solutions
3.20 BonitaSoft Bonita Studio
3.20.1 Smart BPMN design
3.21 Perceptive Software BPM
3.21.1 Perceptive Software BPM Process Discovery and Design
3.21.2 Perceptive Software BPM Process Execution
3.22 Active Endpoints ActiveVOS
3.23 BizAgi BPM
3.23.1 Bizagi BPM Suite Editions
3.23.2 Bizagi BPM Server
3.23.3 Bizagi Studio
3.23.4 Bizagi Process Modeler
3.24 Wipro BPM
3.24.1 Wipro Strategic Alliances
3.24.2 Wipro BPM for Retail Organizations
3.24.3 Wipro Process Excellence
3.24.4 Wipro BPM
3.25 Aurea BPM
3.25.1 Aurea BPM Solutions
3.26 PNM Soft Extend SharePoint with BPM Software
3.27 HP Business Process Monitor (BPM)
3.27.1 HP Business Process Monitor (BPM) Proactive Agentless Application Monitoring and SLAs
3.28 HostBridge Business Process Management (BPM) and CICS
3.28.1 HostBridge Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
3.28.2 HostBridge Connectors for BPM
3.29 Fabasoft BPM
3.29.1 Fabasoft BPM Process Folder
3.29.2 Fabasoft BPM Process Folder Sub-processes
3.29.3 Fabasoft BPM BPMN Loops
3.29.4 Fabasoft BPM BPMN
3.30 Perficient Business Process Management

4. Business Process Management (BPM) Technology
4.1 BPM platforms
4.1.1 Pegasystems Reports H2 YTD 2013 License Revenue Increases 25% Compared to YTD 2012
4.1.2 Pegasystems Build for Change. Platform
4.2 Industry Frameworks Used to Implement BPM Process
4.3 Business Process Management Technology Issues
4.3.1 Application Integration Professional Services Implementation Strategies
4.3.2 Application Connectivity
4.3.3 Single Vendor Issues
4.3.4 Standards Adoption
4.4 BPM Technology Analysis
4.5 BPM Business Benefits
4.6 Technology Platforms
4.6.1 Automated Virtualization Of Existing Enterprise Assets
4.6.2 Complexity Of The Underlying IT Technologies
4.6.3 Impact of Platforms
4.6.4 Platforms and Disparate Technologies
4.7 Information Events
4.7.1 Event Transmission
4.7.2 Business Process Automation
4.8 SOA Foundation Reference Architecture
4.8.1 IBM WebSphere Business Integration Business Rule Beans IBM WebSphere Business Integration Programming Model Extensions IBM WebSphere Business Integration Quality of Service
4.9 Oracle SOA Suite
4.9.1 Oracle SOA Benefits
4.9.2 Process-Oriented Architecture
4.9.3 Business Process Automation
4.9.4 Business Process Management Modular Architecture
4.9.5 Business Components

5. Business Process Management (BPM) Company Description
5.1 360 Logica
5.1.1 360logica SOA Software Testing
5.1.2 360logica SOA Resources
5.1.3 360logica Software Testing Services
5.1.4 360logica Software Testing Company
5.2 Actuate
5.2.1 Actuate Core Strengths
5.3 Adobe
5.3.1 Adobe Creative Cloud
5.3.2 Adobe Digital Publishing Suite
5.3.3 Adobe Photoshop
5.3.4 Adobe Acrobat
5.3.5 Adobe Edge Tools & Services
5.3.6 Adobe Digital Marketing
5.4 AgilePoint
5.5 Appian
5.5.1 Appian Technology
5.6 Aurea
5.7 BigAgi
5.8 BizFlow
5.9 BonitaSoft
5.9.1 Bonita Open Source BPM Software
5.9.2 Bonita Open Source BPM Technology
5.9.3 Bonita Open Solution 5
5.10 CA Technologies
5.10.1 CA Revenue
5.11 Crosscheck Networks
5.12 EMC
5.12.1 EMC Broad Range of Customers
5.12.2 EMC Strong Leadership Record
5.12.3 EMC Global Presence
5.13 Fabasoft Group
5.14 Fiorano
5.14.1 Fiorano Leadership In Enterprise Middleware
5.14.2 Fiorano Customers Worldwide
5.15 Fujitsu
5.15.1 Fujitsu Revenue
5.15.2 Fujitsu Revenue
5.15.3 Fujitsu Technology Solutions
5.15.4 Fujitsu Personal Computers
5.15.5 Fujitsu Development and Production Facilities
5.15.6 Fujitsu Corporate Strategy
5.15.7 Fujitsu Interstage
5.15.8 Fujitsu Acquires RunMyProcess Cloud Service Provider
5.16 GSX
5.17 Hewlett Packard
5.17.1 Hewlett Packard Revenue
5.17.2 HP Printing and Personal Systems Group
5.17.3 HP Software
5.18 HostBridge
5.19 IBM
5.19.1 IBM Strategy
5.19.2 IBM Capital Investment
5.19.3 IBM Business Segments And Capabilities
5.19.4 IBM Integrated Supply Chain
5.19.5 IBM Cloud Computing
5.19.6 IBM Cloud Computing Model
5.19.7 IBM Business Model
5.19.8 IBM Business Analytics
5.19.9 IBM Innovation
5.19.10 SOA Digital Services
5.19.11 IBM Smarter Planet Strategy
5.19.12 IBM Smarter Planet
5.19.13 IBM Social Business
5.19.14 IBM WebSphere SOA Software Capabilities
5.19.15 IBM Information Management Software
5.19.16 IBM Business Analytics and Optimization Strategy
5.19.17 IBM Watson Solutions
5.19.18 IBM Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure Solutions
5.19.19 IBM Software
5.19.20 IBM System Z Mainframe Software
5.19.21 IBM Social Workforce Software Solutions
5.19.22 IBM Rational Software
5.19.23 IBM Mobile Software
5.19.24 IBM MobileFirst
5.19.25 IBM Systems and Technology (STG)
5.19.26 IBM Revenue
5.19.27 IBM IT Strategy
5.19.28 IBM Business Partners
5.19.29 IBM Messaging Extension for Web Application Pattern
5.19.30 IBM Growth Market Initiatives
5.19.31 IBM Business Revenue Segments And Capabilities
5.19.32 IBM Geographic Revenue
5.20 Informatica
5.20.1 Informatica Master Data Management (MDM)
5.21 Intalio
5.22 iWay Software
5.23 K2
5.24 Kofax
5.25 Layer 7
5.26 Managed Methods
5.26.1 Managed Methods Solutions
5.27 Mega
5.27.1 Mega Solutions
5.27.2 Mega Solutions Customers
5.28 Mendix
5.29 Microsoft SOA
5.29.1 Microsoft .Net SOA
5.29.2 Microsoft .Net Open Source
5.29.3 Microsoft .NET Framework
5.29.4 Microsoft Key Opportunities and Investments
5.29.5 Microsoft Smart Connected Devices
5.29.6 Microsoft: Cloud Computing Transforming The Data Center And Information Technology
5.29.7 Microsoft Entertainment
5.29.8 Microsoft Search
5.29.9 Microsoft Communications And Productivity
5.29.10 Microsoft Revenue
5.29.11 Microsoft Customers
5.30 Nastel Technologies
5.30.1 Nastel Privately Held Company
5.31 Newgen
5.32 Novell
5.33 OpenText
5.33.1 OpenText / Hummingbird
5.33.2 OpenText Target Markets
5.33.3 OpenText / Cordys
5.34 Crosscheck Networks
5.35 Oracle
5.35.1 Oracle Revenue
5.36 Perceptive Software
5.37 PegaSystems
5.37.1 Pega Exchange' for BPM and SOA-
5.38 Perficient
5.38.1 Perficient Revenue
5.38.2 Perficient ProHealth Care Drives Population Health Management through Epic s Cogito Data Warehouse
5.39 Pivotal
5.39.1 Pivotal Comprehensive PaaS
5.39.2 Pivotal Speeds Time To Market
5.40 PNM Soft
5.41 Progress Software
5.41.1 Progress Software Revenue
5.42 Rally Software
5.42.1 Rally Software Revenue
5.42.2 Rally Software Solutions for Organizations
5.42.3 Rally Software Revenue
5.43 Red Hat
5.44 SAP
5.44.1 SAP offers NetWeaver
5.44.2 SAP SOA Enterprise Applications
5.44.3 SAP Aligns Solutions With Innovation to Improve Production Process
5.44.4 SAP User Planned Updates
5.44.5 SAP Core Applications
5.44.6 SAP Rapid-Deployment Solutions
5.46 SOA Software
5.46.1 SOA Software Customers
5.46.2 SOA Software Product Uses
5.46.3 SOA Software Enterprise API Management and SOA Governance
5.46.4 SOA Software Enterprise API Management Revenue
5.46.5 SOA Software Partners
5.46.6 SOA Software Customers
5.46.7 SOA Software Innovation
5.46.8 SOA Software Products
5.47 Software AG
5.47.1 Software AG Revenue by Segment
5.47.2 Software AG
5.47.3 Software AG Buys Progress. Apama
5.48 Tibco Software
5.48.1 Tibco Revenue
5.48.2 Tibco Software
5.48.3 Tibco
5.48.4 Tibco ActiveMatrix
5.48.5 Tibco Software Customers
5.48.6 Tibco Event-Enabled Enterprise Platform
5.48.7 Tibco Platform
5.48.8 Tibco SOA Development
5.48.9 Tibco Revenue
5.48.10 Tibco Cloud Computing Environments
5.48.11 Tibco Software Acquires Maporama Solutions
5.48.12 Tibco / Maporama Solutions
5.48.13 Tibco Customer Interportpolice Deploys Tibbr As Global Collaboration Platform
5.48.14 Renaissance Capital / Tibco Big Data Opportunity
5.49 VMWare
5.49.1 VMware Network Virtualization Enables User Self-Provisioning And VMWare Support
5.50 WSO2
5.50.1 WSO2 Products
5.50.2 WSO2 Open Source and Standards
5.50.3 SEERC Technology Research Center Uses WSO2 for Governance Registry

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