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Wintergreen Research

Breath Analyzer Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018


Report Published By: Winter Green Research
Publication Date : Jan-2012
No. of Pages: 317

WinterGreen Research announces that it has a new study on Breathalyzer Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012-2018. The 2012 study has 317 pages, 111 tables and figures.

Substance abuser in control of a vehicle or heavy equipment is a menace. Demand for effective detection of alcohol impairment, or of blood alcohol content (BAC) in individuals engaged in work or driving is expanding. Alcohol plays an integral part in every society.

In the United States, alcohol plays a part in half the automobile fatalities and nearly half of all industrial accidents. For employers, alcohol abuse accounts for two thirds of all substance abuse complaints and depletes a similar percentage from the health care benefit budgets of American companies.

A breathalyzer is a device for estimating blood alcohol content (BAC) from a breath sample. "Breathalyzer" is the brand name of a series of models made by one manufacturer National Draeger. It has become a generalized trademark for instruments. Intoxilyzer, Intoximeter, AlcoScan, Alcotest, AlcoSensor, Alcolizer, Datamaster include brand names in use.

The U.S. Government's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains a "Conforming Products List" of breath alcohol devices approved for evidentiary use, as well as for preliminary screening use. In Canada, a preliminary non-evidentiary screening device can be approved by Parliament as an approved screening device and an evidentiary breath instrument can be similarly designated as an approved instrument.

Alcohol related accidents kill someone every 31 minutes and injure someone every 2 minutes in the US. Alcohol and drugs cause serious disruption to the workforce when present among employees. Breath contains important markers that can be used to monitor health status of patients.

Alcohol Breathalyzer Market Driving Forces
Law Enforcement Breathalyzers
Alcohol Usage Problem In The Workplace
Breathalyzer ES-4
Alcohol As A Drug
Breathalyzer Market Shares
Breathalyzer Market Forecasts
Breathalyzer Market Forecasts Dollars

1.1 DUI Offenses
1.1.1 Sports Fans Drunk at Games 8%
1.1.2 Personal Breathalyzer
1.1.3 Indicators To Spot Potential Drunk Drivers
1.2 Impact of Alcohol
1.3 Breathalyzer Applications
1.3.1 Keychain Breathalyzer
1.4 BAC
1.5 Alcohol Usage Problem In The Workplace
1.6 Breathalyzer
1.6.1 Mis-calibrated Equipment
1.6.2 Law Enforcement
1.6.3 Consumer Use
1.6.4 Breath Test Evidence
1.6.5 Hosting Parties, And Celebrating
1.7 Demand For More Effective Detection Of Alcohol Impairment
1.7.1 Traditional Alcohol Breath Analyzer Testing
1.7.2 Breath Alcohol Analysis
1.7.3 Alcohol Merges with Breath
1.7.4 Analyze An Alveolar Or Deep Lung Air
1.8 Alcohol Is A Drug
1.9 Laws Prohibit Driving With An Elevated BAC
1.10 2012 Drunk Driving Statistics
1.10.1 When Alcohol-Impaired Crashes Occur
1.11 Breath to Test for Alcohol Concentrations in the Body
1.12 Heart Problems Linked to Heavy Drinking
1.12.1 Atrial Defibrillation
1.12.2 Health Insurers Denied Coverage

2.1 Alcohol Breathalyzer Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 Law Enforcement Breathalyzers
2.1.2 Alcohol Usage Problem In The Workplace
2.1.3 Breathalyzer
2.1.4 Alcohol As A Drug
2.1.5 Impact of Alcohol
2.2 Breathalyzer Market Shares
2.2.1 MDP CMI / Lion The Largest Company In Breath Alcohol Testing
2.2.2 MDP/ CMI Trained More Than 15,000 Law Enforcement Officials
2.2.3 MDP/ CMI Intoxilyzer 5000 Breathalyzers
2.2.4 MDP / Lion
2.2.5 MDP / Lion Fuel Cell Sensor
2.2.6 Intoximeters,
2.2.7 Draeger Corporation
2.2.8 Intoximeters
2.2.9 Quest Products / Q3 Innovations / Alcohawk Breathalyzers
2.2.10 Quest Products / Q3 Innovations / DrugHAWK Drug Test Kits
2.2.11 Quest Products Q3 Asset Acquisition
2.2.12 Lifeloc Technologies
2.2.13 AK Solutions
2.2.14 Alcolizer
2.2.15 National Patent Analytic Systems (NPAS) / Datamaster
2.2.16 Alcovisor
2.3 Breathalyzer Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Breathalyzer Market Forecasts Dollars
2.3.1 Breathalyzer Market Forecasts Units
2.3.2 Breathalyzer Market Penetration Analysis Breath Analyzer Market Forecasts
2.3.4 Law Enforcement Stationary Bench Breath Analyzer Market Forecasts
2.3.5 Party, Pleasure Screening, Consumer Breath Analyzer Market
2.3.6 Sports Teams Breath Analyzer Market Forecasts
2.3.7 Healthcare Breath Analyzer Market Forecasts
2.4 DUI Offenses
2.4.1 Sports Fans Drunk at Games 8%
2.4.2 Personal Breathalyzer
2.4.3 Indicators To Spot Potential Drunk Drivers
2.4.4 Breathalyzer Applications
2.4.5 Keychain Breathalyzer
2.4.6 BAC
2.4.7 Miscalibrated Equipment
2.4.8 Drunk Driving Law Enforcement
2.4.9 Breath Alcohol Analyzers Consumer Use
2.4.10 Breath Test Evidence
2.4.11 Hosting Parties, And Celebrating
2.4.12 Demand For More Effective Detection Of Alcohol Impairment
2.4.13 Traditional Alcohol Breath Analyzer Testing
2.4.14 Breath Alcohol Analysis
2.4.15 Alcohol Merges with Breath
2.4.16 Analyze An Alveolar Or Deep Lung Air
2.4.17 Alcohol Is A Drug
2.4.18 Laws Prohibit Driving With An Elevated BAC
2.4.19 When Alcohol-Impaired Crashes Occur
2.5 Breath to Test for Alcohol Concentrations in the Body
2.5.1 Clinical Niche for Breath Tests
2.5.2 Heart Problems Linked to Heavy Drinking
2.5.3 Atrial Defibrillation
2.5.4 Health Insurers Denied Coverage
2.6 Breathalyzer Prices
2.6.1 Dräger Alcotest® 9510
2.6.2 Draeger Breathalyzer Dräger Alcotest 6510
2.6.3 AK Solutions Fuel Cell and Other Breathalizer Prices
2.6.4 AK Solutions AlcoScan AL2500 Prices
2.6.5 Personal Breathalyzer Keychains
2.6.6 Personal Breathalyzer
2.6.7 Home Breathalyser Prices :
2.7 Breathalyzer Regional Analysis
2.7.1 U.S.
2.7.2 Germany
2.7.3 U.K.

3.1 Draeger "Breathalyzer"
3.1.1 Dräger Alcotest® 7110 Evidential
3.1.2 Dräger Alcotest® 7510
3.1.3 Dräger Alcotest® 9510
3.1.4 Dräeger Alcotest® 6810
3.1.5 Dräeger Mobile Printer
3.1.6 Dräger Alcotest® Tubes
3.1.7 Dräger Alcotest® 6510
3.1.8 Dräger Alcotest® 6810
3.1.9 Dräger Alcotest® 6810 DOT
3.1.10 Dräger Interlock® XT
3.1.11 Dräger DrugTest® 5000
3.1.12 Dräger SSK 5000
3.1.13 Dräger Alcotest® Tubes
3.2 MPD
3.2.1 Lion Laboratories Limited
3.2.2 Lion Intoxilyzer®
3.2.3 Lion Intoxilyzer Role in Road Traffic
3.2.4 Lion Intoxilyzer Role in Detecting Under-Age Drinking
3.2.5 Lion Intoxilyzer Role in Prisons
3.2.6 Intoxilyzer 5000s Drunk Driving Case Anomalies
3.2.7 Lion Fuel Cell Sensors for Breath Analysis
3.2.8 Lion Commercial and Industrial Target Markets
3.2.9 Lion Laboratories Breath Analyzer Products
3.2.10 Lion alcolmeter® 400
3.2.11 Lion alcolmeter® 500
3.2.12 Lion alcolmeter® 600
3.2.13 Lion Fuel Cell Technology
3.2.14 Lion DS®-10 Vehicle Interlock
3.2.15 Lion Accessories and Consumables
3.2.16 Lion Forensic Support
3.2.17 CMI / Intoxilyzer
3.2.18 CMI / Intoxilyzer 8000
3.2.19 Intoxilyzer 5000 "Slope" Parameter
3.3 AK Solutions / AlcoScan
3.3.1 AlcoScan AL2500
3.3.2 AK Solutions Fuel Cell
3.3.3 AlcoScan AL3500 Fuel-Cell Breathalyzers For Commercial Consumers, Vending-Style Money-Acceptor Functionality
3.3.4 AK Solutions Portable Breathalizers
3.4 Intoximeters AlcoSensor
3.4.1 Intoximeters AlcoSensor Features:
3.4.2 Intoximeters Alco-Sensor FST®
3.4.3 Intoximeters Intox EC/IR® II
3.5 Alcolizer
3.5.1 Alcolizer Preferred Breathalyser Supplier To Australian Police Forces
3.5.2 Full Service And Highest Quality Breath Test Units Win Over South Australia Police
3.6 National Patent Analytic Systems (NPAS) / Datamaster
3.6.1 NPAS Manufacturers the DMT
3.6.2 National Patent Analytic Systems (NPAS) / Datamaster Product Features & benefits:
3.6.3 Evidence Ticket Standard DataMaster 4 1/2 x 7, Package of 200
3.6.4 DataMaster DMT
3.6.5 DataMaster DMT in Minnesota
3.6.6 Michigan Datamaster DMT
3.6.7 Datamaster DMT False Positive Readings
3.6.8 Datamaster DMT Can Be Compared to Blood Tests Which Are More Accurate But Often Lead To Higher Results
3.7 TruTouch Fingertip BAC Detector
3.8 Lifeloc FC10 Breath Alcohol Tester
3.8.1 LifeLoc FC10 Breath Alcohol Tester Operation
3.8.2 Lifeloc Alcohol Tester Product Innovation
3.8.3 Lifeloc FC Series
3.8.4 Lifeloc DataTrak® for Law Enforcement
3.8.5 Lifeloc FC10
3.8.6 Lifeloc FC10Plus
3.8.7 Lifeloc FC20
3.8.8 Lifeloc FC20BT
3.8.9 Lifeloc Workplace Applications
3.8.10 Lifeloc Offers A Total Substance Abuse Solution: Equipment, Supplies, Training, and Consultation
3.8.11 Lifeloc Phoenix 6.0 Bluetooth
3.8.12 Lifeloc Professional Breath Alcohol Training
3.9 Quest Products / Q3 Innovations / Alcohawk Breathalyzers
3.9.1 Quest Products / Q3 Innovations / DrugHAWK Drug Test Kits
3.9.2 Quest AlcoHAWK Series
3.9.3 Quest Products AlcoHAWK Approvals
3.10 KHN Solutions LLC BACtrack Breathalyzers
3.10.1 BACTRACK Element
3.10.2 BACTRACK B70 Black
3.10.3 Nokia And UK Nanotech Company Mobile Phone Breathalyzer Prototype
3.11 Tokyoflash Watch Design

4.1 Science Behind Breath Alcohol Analyzers
4.1.1 Non-Specific Analysis
4.1.2 Interfering Compounds
4.2 Breathalyzers Use Ratio to Partition Alcohol In The Breath As Alcohol In The Blood
4.2.1 Mouth Alcohol
4.2.2 Absorption Of Alcohol
4.2.3 Chemical Micro-Sensors
4.3 Healthcare Breath Tests in Use
4.3.1 Breathalyzer That Screens For Illness
4.3.2 Breath Tests for NO to Detect Asthma Compliance
4.3.3 13c-Labelled Urea Substrate To Detect Helicobacter Pylori
4.3.4 Menssana’s Hearts Breath Cardiac Transplant Rejection Test
4.3.5 Menssana H. pylori Breath Tests
4.3.6 Xenobiotics
4.4 Breath Test Technologies
4.4.1 Spectrometry Methods Are Instantiated As Semiconductors
4.4.2 Testing for Alcohol: Breath Alcohol Physiology
4.4.3 Relationship Between The Blood And Breath Alcohol Concentrations In Equilibrium
4.4.4 Testing for Alcohol: Fuel Cell Sensor Breath Analysis
4.4.5 Testing for Alcohol: Infrared Analysis
4.4.6 Draeger Machine Measures The Temperature Of The Subject’s Breath And Then Adjusts The Results
4.4.7 Forensic Breath-Alcohol Testing Quality Assurance
4.5 Drunk Driver Penalties by Country
4.6 Breaathalyzer Regulations
4.7 Breath Sampling Challenges
4.7.1 Testing Breath
4.7.2 Ketosis
4.7.3 Substances In The Mouth That May Cause Inaccurate Readings
4.7.4 Failure To Verify Breath Analyzer Device Simulator
4.7.5 Effects of Gastric Bypass Surgery
4.7.6 Keychain Breathalyzer

5.1 AK Solutions
5.1.1 AK Solutions AlcoMate Prestige
5.1.2 AK Solutions Target Markets
5.2 Alcolizer
5.3 Alcovisor
5.4 Applied Nanodetectors
5.4.1 Applied Nanodetectors Business Strategy
5.5 Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA
5.5.1 Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Revenue
5.5.2 Draeger Safety Division
5.5.3 Draeger Medical Division
5.5.4 Draeger Medical Division
5.5.5 Draeger
5.5.6 Draeger Safety Diagnostics
5.6 Intoximeters
5.7 KHN Solutions LLC BACTRACK Breathalyzers
5.8 Lifeloc Technologies
5.8.1 Lifeloc Breathalyzers
5.8.2 Lifeloc Target Markets
5.8.3 Lifeloc Installed Base of Breathalyzers
5.8.4 Lifeloc Technologies, Inc. Revenue
5.9 MPD
5.9.1 MPD / CMI
5.9.2 MPD / Lion Laboratories
5.9.3 MPD / CMI
5.10 National Patent Analytic Systems (NPAS) / Datamaster
5.10.1 National Patent Analytic Systems (NPAS) DMT Family Of Products
5.11 Quest Products
5.11.1 Quest Products Q3 Asset Acquisition
5.11.2 Q3 Innovations, LLC
5.11.3 Quest Cholesterol Biometer
5.11.4 Quest Products Male Urine Guard
5.12 Tokyoflash
5.13 TruTouch

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