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Uncovering the Potential of Information Service Market and Industry: Key Trends and Major Players


Report Published By: Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute Publication Date : Apr-16 No. Of Pages: 43

The information service market can be categorized based on functionality and service delivery methods. Information services refer to a suite of comprehensive solutions covering fundamental infrastructure, service development and deployment, business operation, consulting, software support and hardware maintenance. Those services are conducted with an aim to transfer to revenue gains. This report provides an overview of the Taiwanese information service market, touching on the market trends and the development of major players in the areas of system integration, IT outsourcing, and cloud services; examines opportunities and challenges of major players in these areas.

Table of Contents 1.Overview Development 1.1 Market Value 1.2 Industry Ecosystem 2. Taiwanese Information Service Market 2.1 System Integration 2.1.1 Market Trends 2.1.2 Development of Major Players in Taiwan 2.1.3 Future Outlook 2.2 IT Outsourcing 2.2.1 Market Trends 2.2.2 Development of Major Players in Taiwan 2.2.3 Future Outlook 2.3 Cloud Services 2.3.1 Market Trends 2.3.2 Development of Major Players in Taiwan 2.3.3 Future Outlook 3. Future Trends and Challenges 3.1 Market Trends 3.2 Development Opportunities 3.2.1 System Integration 3.2.2 Outsourcing Services 3.2.3 Cloud Services 3.3 Challenges 3.3.1 Industry is Full of Small-Sized Enterprises with Low Economies of Scale and Insufficient R&D Capacity 3.3.2 Think Locally, Yet to Act Globally 3.3.3 Chinese Market Creates Fresh Opportunities for Taiwanese Companies amid Fierce Competition Appendix Glossary of Terms List of Companies List of Tables Table 1: Development of the Taiwan Information Service Market by Segment List of Figures Figure 1: Taiwan Information Service Market Value, 2013-2018 Figure 2: Taiwan System Integration Market Value, 2013-2018 Figure 3: Taiwan Outsourcing Service Market Value, 2013-2018 Figure 4: Taiwan Cloud Service Market Value, 2013-2018 Figure 5: Taiwan Information Service and Software Industry Ecosystem Figure 6: 2015 Taiwan Enterprise Investment Share by Target Functionality Figure 7: 2015 Taiwan Enterprise Investments by Target Functionality Figure 8: Systex's Etu Big Data Solution for the Retail Industry Figure 9: National Police Agency's M-Police App Designed by Syscom Figure 10: MiTAC Information Technology's Smart Campus Services Figure 11: TSTi's Integrated Smart Manufacturing Solutions Figure 12: Manufacturing Industry's Cloud Service Adoption Share by Category Figure 13: Chunghwa Telecom's Cloud Services Figure 14: ASUS' Cloud Service EcosystemDevelopment of Taiwan's information service market, comprising of system integration, IT outsourcing and cloud service segments, and includes major trends, key players, and future outlook of those individual segments Taiwan's information service market value forecast by segment until 2018, including their CAGR from 2013-2018 Development of Taiwan's major players by sector in the information service market, including Systex, Syscom, MiTAC, TSTi, Chunghwa Telecom, and ASUS In-depth analysis of opportunities and challenges currently facing the industry

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